Starting Strength, The most Imp. book you will read

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  1. Looking to get big? Strong? Muscular? Who isn't?

    Lots of people buy into these lame programs on tv that don't do shit. No Pushups will not make you big!

    No, you do not need to do 100 exercises a day!

    It's all very simple. You need to work your body as unit. Your body is built as a unit and likes to be trained as one. That means no doing isolation exercises until you are advanced.

    Any new weightlifters should be focusing on the following lifts: Squats, Bench Press and Deadlift, as well as Power Clean and Press.

    By doing these exercises you work your body as a unit in a functional, natural way. You also incorporate much more muscle groups than any machine or isolation exercise ever could. Also you are able to lift the most amount of weight, which will stimulate the most amount of growtth and hormones released.

    I have been lifting for almost 10 months now and recently got Mark Rippetoes book Starting Strength for my birthday after hearing about it non-stop on

    Great book. It goes into all the biomechanics of every major lift and how the body works and responds to the lift and will teach you the proper form to gain the most muscle and strength.

    It's $30 on amazon and I would high recommend it. The $30 for the book is worth way more than any supplement or video can teach you.
  2. 108 five star reviews on Amazon is nothing to joke about.

    This looks like a very interesting read, Blaze_It_Up! I'll definitely be giving it a look in the near future, probably as a checkout from the library, however, as the lowest used copy is twenty seven dollars. I do need to start getting back to the gym, as I may have a job in the next month or two working through a private security contractor as an officer. I couldn't not be in shape for that kind of work...
  3. Ripptoes workout is fantastic, The gains you'll see at first and even up to multiple months can be just extrodinary.
  4. bumping this for two reasons:
    1. didn't see a rule against necroposting, sorry if there is one
    and mainly, 2. because BEGINNERS NEED TO READ THIS THREAD
    If you're cheap *ahem* frugal, like me, you can find it on torrents and whatnot.
    SS is a great program by a man who knows his shit. This is better than P90X and bodyweight workouts.
    It is for beginners though, if you've been lifting for more than 6 months or so this program isn't recommended.
  5. It really is a great program. I haven't read the book, but starting strength helped me get into a good workout routine since July, and I've gained lots in strength and size (mostly strength.) I still do the program, but I'm going to start squatting only twice a week since it becomes a bit too much once you are doing a decent amount of weight. I can squat 240, which I know isn't insane, but it starts to get to you if you try to increase that weight when you are squatting 3 times a week! I can't express how helpful Rippetoe's is! I recommend this program to anyone interested at all in bodybuilding!
  6. This book sounds good.
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    If your an athlete, get this book. Now.
  8. Absolutely awesome book. Starting Strength is how I began my attempt at getting in shape, and it worked wonders. I've since been experimenting with a variety of other methods, but I hope to come back to SS sometime soon.

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