Starting small perpetual - Advice/criticism needed

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  1. In a month or two I will be starting up again. Plans are to start a small perpetual, harvesting 2 plants every 2 weeks or so.


    2'x3'x6' veg cab /w a 250w MH 24/0
    200 CFM fan

    3'x6'x6' flowering tent /w two 400 watter's HPS
    Two cool-tubes daisy chained /w a 200 CFM vented outside
    600 CFM centrifugal attached to a 250mm carbon filter vented outside

    Coco/perlite 75/25
    Canna coco A+B and a few other supplements

    The Plan
    Going to have a mother in the veg cab (most likely Critical+) and take 2 clones from her every 2 weeks. Veg the clones for a month while LST'ing, then throw them into the flower tent. Goal is 4 ounces every 2 weeks.

    Is there anything I'm forgetting about? Is my goal over-ambitious? Any recommendations?

    Peace :smoke:
  2. You plan sounds good on paper. Just know that plant yields do not always give us what we expect. Also a month veg is pretty quick to flip to flower. I am running sog and I put add two plants per month, two weeks apart from each other (harvest one plant every 2 weeks). My average veg time is about 90 days after transplanting a rooted clone. Of course it takes about 2 weeks to get a clone to root as well.
  3. Cheers.
    Yeah, I was going to give the clones 3 weeks to root and start counting after that. I can't really afford to veg them much longer as I think I'll run out of space.
  4. Personally, I'd use two 600's in a 3x6' area covering 18 5gal buckets for maximum yield & potency. Two 400's will work with regular plant rotations and would be more cost efficient but without quite as much yield and a somewhat lower percentage of the most potent buds.

    You could accomplish better & more even cooling by splitting the lamp cooling ducts at the exhaust blower so that each has its own intake.
  5. I already have the 2 400's from previous grows, but I have definitely been considering moving up to 600's after I get some cash together. At the moment, I just need to buy the tent and 1 cool-tube to be ready. Though I'm waiting on my roof to get fixed before I do anything.

    I don't really want to have too much ducting, but if the temps get out of hand/are uneven, I may have to suck it up and split them. Thanks!
  6. Do yourself a favour and look at my thread "perpetual garden at it's best?". Then ask yourself "do I have the time, do I have the room?" then say "fuckin oath I do!!!".
  7. haha I've already checked it out.
    All I have is time :) Though I'm quite limited space wise, and it needs to be "somewhat" stealthy.

    Love the setup though bro!
  8. Cheers mate. All I have is a 3 meter by 3 meter by (now) 2 meter tall shed, all of that is under my house and as stealth as it gets. I put all of that in the shed and I have people over ALL the time that don't smoke weed and they are none the wiser. Good luck champ.
  9. I also run a smaller perpetual garden 2 tents 1 veg 1 flower 1 plant in every 2 weeks 1 out every 2 week flower tent is 3'x3' with 1x 600w I get about 4oz per plant.
  10. That sounds pretty good herb..... got any pics?
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    That was my original plan (I have everything I need for it right now), but I wanted to step it up a notch for a bigger yield. Would also love to see your setup :)
  12. veg tent abit full flower tent max 5 plant

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  13. [quote name='"herb ballistic"']veg tent abit full flower tent max 5 plant[/quote]

    Does not look bad. What strain(s) are you running?
  14. Flower tent Barneys sweet tooth
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    Purple barney ans sweettooth? Nice. I am definitely going to follow your grow. I have purple barney in my veg room and flower room right now. I also grew it on my last grow. It is super responsive to lst. She was my biggest producer last run. Probably would have been out produced by chemdawg, if I had not almost killed chemdawg.
  16. Also have an Og kush +Pineapple kush seedlings as well as more sweet tooth cutting in the veg tent I supercrop anything and every thing I can . though og stems are stiff and can be hard to bend.
  17. I know what you are saying g with the OG. Although as the buds swell she can't hold herself up... but my stems are not super woody. ... thinking about it the stems are either woody or limp... sometimes combos of both.
  18. I use jojos when too heavy as a person from califoria you will know about og /chemdawg og was not as stronge as i had hoped but still a ok smoke whats chemdawg like ?
  19. The chemdawg has the nice large buds like the OG. It has a very unique floral/piney smell. It has excellent resin production. The smoke is very hazy and is prone to massive expansion on exhale. I let mine flower to about 20% amber, 66 days.

    The effect is mixed between the body and the head. I find Chemdawg to be a good wind-down (end-of-day) smoke. I cannot access it right now, but my harvest posting has details and pics.

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