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    Hey all.. this is my first grow, I have one light.. a 600 Watt Lumntek ballast that runs either MH or HPS(i have both bulbs)
    I should use the MH for seedlings right? not the hps?
    and how far should i keep the 600 watts from my babys?
    starting this grow pretty soon.
    growing around 15 plants.

    I will be getting another light if needed for the flowering stage.. thinking maybe 430 watt son agro(if its worth it, wondering if anyone could let me know if the 430 watt son agro is a good buy).

  2. I usually use cfl's for the seadlings under 6 inches. My 400w mh cooks them even at 2ft away if they are any smaller than that.
  3. are u using soil?
    im using an ebb n flow hydropoinc system
  4. HYDRO BRO! I love it, drip bucckets and dwc. If you cant use cfls or flourecence over your table just keep the heat away from the plants as much as possible.

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