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    anyone ever done it?

    i put my seeds in shot glasses for 20 hrs (they dropped) and then stuck them in fox farms light warrior and watered them yesterday.

    last year i started seeds in some random potting soil and the soil stayed wet, worked great.this year i'm trying this light warrior and it is completely dry on top and soaked at the bottom of the cup....

    is this ok? is this how this light warrior stuff is suppose to be? im worried. it was my understanding that seeds need moisture to grow and the top of the soil is dry and the bottom of the cup is soaked...

    i'm kinda thinking i might have just wasted 40 dollars in seeds and 20 dollars on a bag of soil which is killing/killed my seeds... ugg.
  2. Water according to how the soil drains man....If it dries out on the top fast, water often but in small amounts...
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    Get a dome up, don't expect the moisture to be high if there's no kind of dome. Also I don't suggest watering if the top is dry and the bottom is wet, you should just use a spray bottle to get the topsoil moist. Wouldn't use light warrior as a base, if anything light warrior + Happy frog 50/50 or just happy frog.
  4. Definitely get some humidity dome going. Zip bag or plastic wrap covering the pot has always worked for me.

    FF soils get dry quickly like you say but you don't want to drown the seed. This is where the humidity dome comes into play. It will provide a moist environment; collecting water vapor on the top and providing small drops of water as that vapor condenses.
  5. alright... well i watered them again and syran wrapped them but i'll just intend to go get a bag of happy frog and start over with more seeds...

    why the fuck would they call it a seed starter if its not good for starting seeds? fuckin blows my mind.

    and fuck the dude at my hydro shop who tells me "its so light and fluffy, roots jsut explode" after i told him i was starting from seed and bought only a bag of light warrior. could have told me i should have been using happy frog....

    christ. 60 dollars and 3 days wasted.
  6. Well, it is good for starting seeds if you are more experienced with the medium.

    I am not saying the soil is complete bull crap.

    I never use the soil the way I brought it I am always adding things and adjusting it as I see fit. For light warrior I always add happy frog and some perlite.
  7. I just water the soil before I plant the seed and wrap in plastic wrap. If for some reason the soil dries out (which it shouldn't with the humidity dome) I use a spray bottle to mist them like Micro said. I've drowned a few seeds by watering before they sprouted.
  8. If I was to use that medium as is, I would water it, and store it in high humidity before I even planted my seed, and then when I planted the seedling after germinating it I would keep up on the spraying the top soil and dome until it sprouted..
  9. so if i got these seeds into a proper moist medium could they still sprout (when i planted them they dropped but there were not tap roots showing) or should i start new seeds?
  10. Sounds like you didn't fully germinate them, if that's the case there is still hope. Just keep the humidty high around 70%-90% humidity, and keep the medium Moist Not Saturated
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    well.... i went to put them back into cups of water to prepare them to be replanted and the first one was not doing anything.

    then i dig up the second one and... tap root! oh shit.... so now i dont know what the fuck to do haha. i guess just leave them in the light warrior covered with syran wrap and hope for the best?

    maybe i was over reacting. i'm intending this outdoor grow to be a learning experience to prepare me for an indoor this winter so i guess atleast im learning haha.
  12. well I have had seeds take anywhere from 7 - 8 days to sprout, just need to be patient.

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