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Starting Seeds in DWC??

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by d2ea, May 3, 2011.

  1. Ok so I'm dealing with a recirculating DWC system. I'm totally new to hydro so I have a dumb question. Can I start seeds or clones in the netpots of the DWC?

    If so what kind of a medium (i.e. rockwool or jiffy cubes) would I use with the hydroton? Also, if I can start them in there, should I have nutrients in the water?

    Please if anyone could help I'm gonna be starting a batch soon and don't want any dumb mistakes. lol

  2. Place them in Rapid Rooters about 1/4 inch deep lightly cover with some of the rooter material , Then place the rooter in a net pot and surround the rooter with hydroton between the rooter and the net pot.

    Personally I recommend using a mister/fogger (or use a syringe to keep the rooter moist daily) to get them started in a small sterlite/tupperware container then moving the entire net pop to a larger container when the time is right. I feel the less time the seeds are handled, the better chance of a healthy happy plant
  3. First off thanks for the advice Dado. Ok so I would be fine with starting them off in the DWC system though right?

    Would I have the netcups submerged a little bit into the water until the roots start to pop out? Of course without submerging the rapid rooter.

    Also would I have nutrients in the water as soon as I put the seeds in?

    Any further help would be great :smoke:
  4. i am very interested in this answer as well please.
  5. greennewb:
    Welcome to hydro! There is a lot to learn grasshopper! Go slow and read. Tutorial on youtube. Read, surf the web and learn. Seedlings are one way, cloning is another way. Start with seeds and like Dado says start with a system like described. Seeds will sprout in the rapid rooter, keep moist, gentle light and warmth place them in a plastic covered tray that will capture the moisture. It will germinate the seed. Once the seed has sprouted and roots start to extend through the sides,bottom transfer to rock wool.
    There is so much to say and so little time to say it. Do you have a hydroponic store close by? Great source of info and remember there are no dumb questions to ask the only dumb one is the one not asked.
    The benefits from Hydro is remarkable, patience,planing and performance will produce a product that will be amazing and in half the time as earth grown. Go slow and learn as you go, there will be dissapointments however remember "rome was not built in a day"
    Go forth and Grow
  6. thanks for the response Herb Al Cure :)

    i'm currently doing my first grow in a soil medium, but after reading up on the DWC method i'm very interested in giving it a try eventually.
  7. I do this using an airstone and a mister/fogger, I won't ever see the seed again once its planted. Just a rapid rooter, net cup and some hydroton, in a small steilite container, I leave them as long as possible in this "house" and then when the time is right, I move the Net cup with the protruding roots to their new larger container. I always have 100% SUCCESS

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