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  1. 1. What wattage veg spec screw in floro is good for starting like 6 seedlings indoors before they go outside? I have 13w and 36w full spectrum lights, would 13w be enough if I set it right over the top of them?

    2. I think the little sticky thread said to veg them for at least 2 weeks after germination but how tall should they be by then? I dont want monster plants given the small space I have to put start them in.

    3. What cycle should I set the timer to for starting them out? 14 on 10 off?
  2. Your two lights won't be enough to veg them properly. For 6 you will probbaly want at anywhere from 200-300 watts per plant at least. Thats only like 37-50 watts per plant which will suffice for veg but don't try and flower it with that little.(gussing your not as your posting in the outdoor section) Or get floro tubes and put them right above your babys. And your going to want to keep the lights as close as you can. If you do this and your plant is a indica it will stay short and bushy. Which is just want you want.

    Depending on the strain your plant could be any where frm 6 inchs tall to well over a foot. It really depends on the strain and growing conditions. If your concerned about the hieght you can always top the plants or do lst to them.

    I would stay away from 14-10 thats pretty close to a flowering light cycle. You can do 24/0 but I like to grow at 18/6 anything inbetween is fine. I just wouldn't go below 18 hours of light. Hope this helps.
  3. GO to wal-mart or simular store buy a FOur foot flouro($7.97WM)and bulbs, just need chains and hooks. I used this on up to 6 plants too 12inchs tall, wooks great.good luck
  4. Well I just want to start them off and get them going untill the wheather is nice enough to not have a risk of frost. Getting them started strong and early is what I'm after, I dont want to spend too much and I also dont want them to grow more than maybe 10" tall so maybe less light is a good thing. Also you must remember I am on a very small budget and need to keep it all within a very small space. I guess veg is hte wrong term, I just want them to grow a little before I put them outside (seems like a good idea since they are fagile as seedlings).
  5. get them under some compact flourescents, in a small space, im not big on outdoor growing, so im not sure what lighting schedule youd would be best to prep those seedlings, but you should be able to start out your plants in a small ventilated envoirment with some CFLS
  6. Oh well then just get a floro fixture that holds 2 or 4 ft bulbs and put those right over your cups when they get like 6-8 inchs tall put a cfl or two on the sides.
  7. I'd like to get one or two screw in type floresents since that would work best for the space and I have a few hanging reflector fixtures I can use. Ventalation my be a problem though, theres no way to ventilate it realy but with one floresent screw in it shouldnt heat up the space too much and seedlings like it warm right? The best I can do for ventilation would be a quiet fan and opeing hte door 3-5 times a day and getting new air in.

    Edit: Anyone know of a common chain shop like walmart or home depot that would sell horticulrural screw in floresents?

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