starting outdoor now?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Jcs9MM, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. could it be possible to start outside growing now? i know the vegg time isnt gonna be worth shit, and im not looking for huge plants, i have indoor plants right now, and im just looking for a little extra bud and was wondering if i could plant some bagseed with my leftover ffof soil and still get some outdoor buds, ?

    i am very aware this is the prob the worst time to start this shit, but i dont care
  2. Its much too late.
  3. even if i want nice airy buds that arent good? haha
  4. Yes its good to start Outdoor now !
    I heard cause global warming wont be snow this year ... also equator will have arctic day of 6 months

    Yea, go for it !
  5. depends where you live man.
    i live in california so i can grow all year round with sunshine everyday :)
  6. tennessee.. not in the mountains,
  7. if it doesnt snow you shouldnt have a problem as long as theres enough sunlight.
    if the conditions are good enough, grow indoors.
  8. It's probably too late.

    To find out for sure, go look up the average first frost date for your area. If it's not at least 3 months away from now, don't bother, they won't have time to finish.

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