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    So, a friend is getting rid of his hps/mh setup, but unfortunately he won't be done with it for a few weeks, well i wanna get a jump start! I used to have several Coral Reef breeding tanks i used 96W quad dual lamps for, they're half 10,000K and half 460nm blue bulbs, would these be sufficient to start seeds with and/or grow veg for awhile with? they're bright as hell but idk about the spectrum being proper!

    thoughts/knowledgable opinions appreciated!

    link to bulb used in reef tank:
    96W Quad "50/50" 10,000K/Actinic 03 -Square Pin Base

    Edit: additionally i'd like to note i plan on doing this LST, or SCRoG, in organic soil. I've got a pretty extensive knowledge in the horticultural field and feel this is the way to go, seeds are bag seeds from friends outdoor White Widow grow.
  2. Hi..

    For fluorescent lights (which is what I think these are) you want blue lights (6500K) for veg and red/yellow lights (3000K) for flowering.

    The Lighting forum has great information regarding what will and will not work for MJ cultivation. The stickie is a great place to start.

    Good Luck!
  3. I used to raise reef tanks, too. The 10,000K daylight bulbs were hot. Great for growing algae. You could veg with them, but I'd add some cfls, in the 5000-6500 K range. Do not include in flowering. Watch the heat. Good Luck.
  4. thanks tiny1, my plan is for my friend to give me his hps/mh lights when he's done flowering as this is the last time he's growing (having a kid soon!) so i'm just trying to get a jumpstart on my veg cycle, at most they'll be under these lights 3-4 weeks

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