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starting out

Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. just wondering if anyone here started out there drug habits with something other than weed. i mean harder stuff ie. coke, heroin, meth... not like liquor or something.

    dont know why im asking, just wanted to know. seems like thatd be crazy. weed just seemed to help me ease in to others...
  2. so beer in enormous quantities doesn't count?
  3. well mi'd say this:

    people that are "fragile" enough to go to syntethic drugs should not smoke, coz it does indeed ease them to make the wrong step.
    it does not take the same psychological strengh to sustain the need of weed and the need for synthetic drugs.
    actually you can't sustain the adiction to synthetic stuff.

    "year but a little line o' coke..?"

    as i said, you have to know thyself, and judge if yes or no you would be able to just tryand stop there.
    I now people who did it, i know I cannot.

    or so I've come to conclude upon several encounters.

    if you're asking "if i have opportunity, should I try" my answer is NO WAY.

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