starting out on 12/12??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by NebDro, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. I have a small cabinet that I'm growing in, and i was wondering if just using 12/12 the whole time would be okay? I'm using some bagseed from industrial kush that my guy got me.
  2. use the search function....." 12/12 from seed"

    But yes it is ok, micro growers do it all the time...
  3. Thank you...and i will use the search function next time. Will this make it flower faster?
  4. Yep itll basically go immediately into flowering. The plants won't get very bushy (1 cola)... The thing to keep in mind however is the longer veg time...the bigger your yield per plant at harvest
  5. okay...thanks, +rep for the help man...its for personal use only anyways, so i dont need it to be all that bushy

  6. also, how long will it take before its done since im going strait to flowering
  7. depends on the strain... of flower....

    more or less 2 months... why not add three weeks of veg to get an awesome plant

  8. because i have a very confined space to grow in...and i want to get done pretty quick so that my dad wont catch wind of it and freak the fuck out...but i might consider adding 10 or so days of veg
  9. Id like to add my personal experience with the search function and "12/12 from seed". Well you do it, and it comes up with nothing. Something to do with the forward slash of "12/12". Anyway, go to google and type the same thing and refine your search to only search this website. Thats what to do to get around that :)

    12/12 has 2 main advantages. 1 is faster harvest time. 2 is more plants per square foot. Depending on someones needs, 12/12 is an excellent method.

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