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Starting out, and a little paranoid. Someone reassure me

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by roadkillturtle, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. So my friend (who isn't on grass city, is asking me to post on his behalf) just met up with a new dealer who goes to the same college we go to. He met up over Whisper, exchanged phone numbers, and after he found his number in the school directory to confirm he was who he said he was they agreed to meet up.
    They meet up and go to a spot together. He pulls out a J, and they shared it together. My friend made sure he saw him inhale and all that, as he understands cops can't fully smoke pot due to being drug tested right after.
    Next night, after he bought some stuff from him, and went to go out and get stoned, he calls him up and asks if he can borrow his lighter, and invites him to break in his new piece that he just got. He was tripping hard so he said no thanks, but he asked him like three more times. My friend is worried if that is kind of suspicious or am if he's just being paranoid? He did meet up with him though to give him my lighter.
    I'm not really sure what he's afraid of. I think he's just completely new to dealing with dealers and not sure what to expect.
    DISCLAIMER: the above is purely hypothetical, and I would never encourage or suggest to myself or anyone else to do anything illegal in their state. 

  2. I really can't keep up with this because of how you unnecessarily worded it to be your friend. Did your friend call the dealer or the dealer call your friend?
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    The guy texted your friend asking him to bring him a lighter? That is kinda weird in my book, but if the guy sold weed and you left with it, he's not a cop. An undercover cop can't sell someone drugs and then allow them to leave with the drugs and possibly sell them or use them.
    Also you said the dealer invited your friend to break in his new piece? I don't get why the guy was asking for a lighter..maybe he just didn't have a lighter? Or did your friend accidentally take his lighter?
    Maybe the dealer is just a lonely guy who has no one to smoke with..that's why he's meeting people off some program and texting people 3 times asking them to come smoke with him? Kinda like on Pineapple Express
  4. I think this. Maybe he's a lonely guy...
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    This post may have violated TOS so I deleted it.
  6. You're going to jail.
  7. It doesn't make any sense for the cops to try to bust the user. They pretend to be the user and bust the dealer. Oh, and the whole "my friend" not me thing is pretty pointless. If theyre going so far as to check your computer, youre pretty much fucked anyway.
  8. You're going to jail dude. As soon as someone makes a GrassCity account it notifies your local PD and gives them your name and address. They bust you for conspiracy to smoke weed.
    Godsend. If they haven't gotten you already you better start running cuz conspiracy to toke is a 20 year minimum sentence
  9. Are you serious ? Because I've been noticing a lot of black helicopters flying over my apartment lately. Should I be afraid ?
  10. Dude nows the time to open the emergency kit you got with your first deal. In it you'll find a walkie talkie, some food, some drinks, a handgun, some rounds, and a dank eighth. Turn on the walkie and you'll get directions to Toke-inus, the only safehaven for stoners. Id tell you how far it is but I'm not authorized.
    Toke-inus. Community for All, Sanctuary for All
  11. First, cops can do drugs and have a helluva time being tested due to unions.

    Theres a guy on the news now who was selling steroids to his dept and fellow officers and pimping his wife out as a prostitute. He provided her with unmentionable and cannabis. They are having a difficult time d-ting him due to unions and other shit getting in the way.

    The dirty police dept is covering it up too.

    And yeah, narcs and informants will blaze up while they record you on tape. In california for instance, its legal to record anyone if theyre in the process of committing a felony.

    So not to add to your paranoia, since weed is no big deal and youre new, but all that shit youve been spoon fed is bullshit.

    I got a thread deleted days ago that was discussing my non violent reaction to being attacked and it was deleted. Yet talk of dealing isnt allowed and these threads stand.

    But i was reported by someone with an agenda against me. I doubt this will happen here.
  12. OK, thanks. Will do. I can't believe it's come to this. Wish me luck.
  13. A little paranoid is a huge understatement OP your paranoid as fuck! and we all know you are talking about you despite your goofy disclaimer.  Grow a pair. Lol.
  14. This^
  15. haha, c'mon guys, we've all been a little paranoid at one point or another. Give the dude a break. I will say though, some of those comments had me laughing.
  16. I just noticed that this was in the Just starting out apprentice tokers section. If you get this paranoid from weed, maybe its not for you. Or just try smoking less.
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    Haha this is not forum, you don't have to mask the fact that you smoke weed or add any disclaimers, it's a weed forum, we are chill  :smoking: .
    Anyways, you're being paranoid, it's weed man, not heroin, and you're not even selling it, just be chill about it.

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