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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by cowofsteel, May 31, 2002.

  1. I'm starting to grow again, but I dont have a big income so im sticking to one or two of those compact gro-lux blubs for inside. But I was wondering if putting it outside during the day and than bringing it inside at night so it has 24 hours of light is a good thing. Also do you know if the gro-lux thing i mentioned above is going to work?
  2. Repeated moving back and forth between indoor,and outdoor,may lead to insect be aware..It may also cause undo stretching when indoor,due to lack of intensity of light....And no..the grow lux bulbs are not very good for this type of plant,,but they do well for houseplants..If possible,,invest in HID lighting,,or grab a few flourescent fixtures to use,,at least you can bud then..

    good luck....

  3. Yep, pests can thrive indoors while their natural predators stay outside. I was always told never to bring an outdoor plant inside.
  4. Well i still live with my parents so i need somthing more particul. I have this bulb i got off a street lamp. It looks just like the lights lots of people use. I can't find a socket to hold it and the electric bill would go to high, wouldn't it? I did just buy a small grow lamp and a compact floresnt. Will this work at all?
  5. Street lamps need their own ballast and system to work. A compact fluoro will not give you enough light, max around 33 watts. To make your system better try to get at least 125 watts of fluoro per plant or start scouting and outdoor site.
  6. i took your advice and found a nice outdoor spot!

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