Starting off mai babies... in gatorade?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by WildGrass, May 19, 2004.

  1. Well, im live in aus and im getting some seeds in a litte while, and im going to be planting in a couple months. The way i was thinking about starting off the children was to use the method off putting them in water for a couple days and taking them out without the shells (To stop the rotting). Has anyone ever done this with pure or highlly diluted gatorade? Anyone think it would offer an advantage? I dont think it would have any real effect and i tihnk you could do a better job using water with viatims and mineral in it rather than gatorade. Suggestions!
  2. HIGH All, it's the only way I do it and as soon as they germ (tap root comes out of shell) in the soil it goes...but I do change the water every 6 or so hours so it doesn't go bad. After 24 hrs most if not All have broke the shell.

    Gatorade??? Why?? If you have tons of seeds give it a go if not.....
  3. My mate acutally did an experiment with plants and crap at school....He used Gatorade, Coke, and water i think, all seperate...he said that the gatorade one grew quicker but i think it may of died off later on...and well coke is a no no i say man Give it go and tell us what happens
  4. idn, it know i do,
    you do,
    everyone hates to see a crop go bad... thast just the worst.
    and you say it " might have died out in the end" so thats just what it might do. thats just such a shame. its so dissappointing...or having your plants stolen

    the time and effort for that crop has become useless.
    start over.
    just depressing almost

    id just grow em straight up, and if your buying them and there feminized...
    i dont htink you should do anything to mess those babies up.

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