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  1. I currently have a 4 day old (from sprout) seedling growing in DWC. It is in a root riot cube surrounded by Hydroton clay pebbles. I am hand watering atm with no water in the bucket as my last seedling is in very bad shape from having my pump on as it was over-watered by the bubbles spitting water up at the net pot. It was stunted massively and the lower leaves died completely along with the roots going hair thin and brown at the tips. My question is, how long should i hand water it before adding water to the bucket again?

    Also, I am just worried because i saw some slight thin brown roots again (just the tips) yesterday poking through the bottom of the net pot, i have since removed them (was very slight) and things seem fine for the moment. What is causing the thin brown roots?

    I believe it is probably too much water but i have been quite careful and only give it a few drops when i see the cube has dried out. I have read a lot that says when the roots are showing through i should have the net pot just touching the water, but i fear i will over-water it again with this method. Any help is much appreciated as this is my first grow.
  2. Any sort of absorbent material in DWC - rapid rooters or rockwool - can often lead to problems that look like over watering. If they are too low in the hydroton, the water keeps them soaked which causes the O2 to be choked out - and overwatering symptoms appear.

    It's best to clone with roots only - or use a cheap bubble bucket with just water and a neoprene ring to hold the seedling, and let the roots grow out before putting it into the netpot. Then you can drape the roots through the netpot, backfill with hydroton - and you won't have to top feed or wonder where the roots are. Doing it this way, you can run the water level 2" above the base of the netpot for the whole grow which causes lateral roots out of the sides and none of those which cord ropes.

    Your nutrient solution is your medium, the more of it - the higher the level - the more roots can form which equals more top side growth. With rapid rooters, you have to keep the level lower - losing 20% potential root mass and growth.

    But since you are using them - have it 1/2 way sticking out of the hydroton so that it can drain adequately.

    Did you rinse your hydroton enough? Could the brown be clay dust? Those brand new roots shouldn't have really had time to get root rot yet - but, maybe?
  3. You leave out a lot of pertinent information.

    Did you rinse the hydroton?
    What was the ph of the Rez?
    What type of light? Distance?
  4. Thanx for the responses, i've given up with dwc though due to temperature problems though.

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