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  1. With my first 2 plants within a month from chop, I feel it's time to start a new grow and fix a few things that complicated my first..I am still looking for cheapest and most simple way
    So far for my medium I am using some organic soil with perlite(20%) and plant food lightly mixed in
    Going into a 15 gallon square fabric bag
    What could I add or what should I consider adding to feed or should this get me through most of a plants life ...also is 15 gallon too big I only plan to veg for 4-5 weeks top once or twice and scrog
    Growing in a 2x2 tent that I ordered last week 20190613_204829.jpg 20190613_204824.jpg 20190613_204731.jpg 20190613_204719.jpg

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  2. I too was looking for the simplest way to grow. I don’t sell weed and don’t even smoke that much so it made no sense to complicate things.

    Soil - get one that contains crushed oyster shell and or dolomite lime. Ocean forest or Oregon’s only #4 are great souls.

    Nutes - I’ve been using mr bs green trees. It’s a dry amendment that you top dress with. A 5 gallon bucket of the growth and another of the bloom was like 260 bucks and will last me years. No joke.

    With this style of growing I top dress once a week. And water when needed. No ph’ing of the water and worrying about that. Once a week I’ll mix some molasses in with my water but that’s it.

    Zero reason to use a 15 gallon pot. 5 gallons is plenty.
  3. Would using more amended soil require less added nutes? Do they sell smaller amounts..260 is a little much for me

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  4. Also what's everyone's thoughts on this? Seems to have a good amount of microbes and not much else 1562475415397.jpg 1562475462177.jpg

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