Starting new seeds while others are in 18/6 ?

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  1. My friend has sprouted seeds that are under a 600 watt MH light that is on a 18/6 schedule and he has a fan on them .. But he got 4 more seeds and has planted them with the other sprouted plants should he keep the light system on 18/6 or 24/7 will it affect either plant ? I have them on 50% of light because 100% was too much .. Here's a picture . They are in plastic wrap because I didn't have a dome for them .

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  2. both of those are vegatative hours....24 hour light or 18 hours of light a day are good for the first 4-6 weeks...
    dosent matter how many plants you got in the room...hours of light are hours of light

  3. can i take the plastic off the plants i think its messing it up .. never did that before was told on here to do it ..
  4. you can have 18/6 or 24/0 or anywhere in between. I prefer 18/6 as the extra 6 hours light doesn't seem to give much of a return. you can't have 24/7 cycle because there is only 24 hours in a day, not 31 but I know what you mean

    having different sized plants in the room is fine, but why do you have the wrap on the pots? if the seeds have sprouted get that off them otherwise they will suffocate
  5. Someone told me to do that and no they haven't sprouted yet .
  6. oh ok, if they haven't sprouted yet it's fine. the idea behind it is to stop the soil drying out so quickly. I don't do it myself but the idea works fine. just make sure you take it off when the plant shows itself
  7. He did and the stem is showing and it sprouted and he took it off .. Fan is on
  8. So the new seeds sprouted with 4 little leaves with the almost 6inches plants do I turn the 600 watt mh lights to 100% ?
  9. yea man go for it....more light the better

    just watch your temps

    lighting intensity doubles
  10. How far should lights be up away from the 6 inch plants ?
  11. Dude if you're gonna ask every little question in your thread here it's gonna be super long. There's a lot of great reading here. Get to it.
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    If you not helping please shut the fuck up . Obviously idek what the fuck I'm doing YHATS why it says beginner dumbass .. I'm not just bout to fuck up my plants

    Name calling and disrespect are not tolerated at GC.

  13. on a 600 watter keep em ATLEAST a foot away from the tops of your plants.
    id say atleast a foot and a half to be safe
    so do the test of putting your hand right where the tops of your plants are and if your hands are uncomfortably hot then your plants are too hot too.

    do a foot and a half id say - 18 inches
  14. btw toastybiz on here has said to "Check temps under the light at plant-top height."

    id trust that dude with my that on another thread about distance from a 600 watter
  15. Hey what's so good about auto seeds ?
  16. You dont have to worry about changing the light cycle. And you can have autos flowering in the same chamber as vegging plants.
  17. your asking questions with answers that are widely available with a little research on grasscity. Do some research.
  18. You could of wasted less time by not saying anything ha .
  19. People are answering your questions pretty patiently but some people including myself wonder if you ve done any reading?

    We know your a new grower, alot of people are new, but some put in effort some want the answers handed to them.

    The autoflower seeds question is on google
    Like alot of what youve asked.

    Pro: they are done more quickly than photoperiod plants

    Smaller plants

    Cons: less potent,

    genetics need improvement in some aspects

    Smaller yields.
  20. There are 3 plants that are 20 days old from being planted they are about 6 inches .. 4 plants sprouted have two sets of baby leaves about 10 days old and one auto just was planted... When should I start nutrients ? All under 600watt .. If wondering

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