starting new plants at 12/12 light?

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  1. I got my hydro up and running a couple months ago, and started a bagseed test run, just to make sure I had everything down right, and so i could learn along the way with it. Now, I've finally ordered real seeds, and I was wondering how safe is it to start plants at a 12/12 cycle.

    I have 3 of my new seeds germinating, and I was thinking that since the sprouts are so young, they wouldn't have the established chemistry to let off the flowering hormones, and I'd be safe for at least a couple of weeks by just letting them grow in the current box with my test plant. I am going to transfer my current big test plant out of the tank and into a bubble bucket in a separate grow box asap, but I need to go get another air stone first.

    I'm i safe for a week or two in 12/12 lighting with young plants?
  2. Are you saying you would put them at 12/12 for a week or 2 then switch back to veg lighting? That wouldnt be such a good idea. You can go 12/12 from seed and let it flower out, but I wouldnt recommend re vegging after it starts to flower.

    Your better off putting them in a small container in a closet under CFLs on 24/0 until your grow room frees up.
  3. Nah bro. Start the new seeds off right. Veg them right and get your desired yield and potency. Otherwise youll get a stressed plant with a small harvest and danty buds
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    whats the yield like for a plant that flowering from seed? I'd assume it would be notably less then something thats given a month or two of vegging?

    I should probably note, one of the seeds germinated before the others, and it's about a week old in 12/12 I'm worried about switching it back to 18/6 now, it just seems like it being so young, it wouldn't effect anything, but I'm starting to think I'm wrong on that. just looked up some 12/12 from seed grows and it doesnt seem too bad (around 60-80g harvest), but i wish I could turn back time and keep it in veg longer :(
  5. Well u got two options. Continue that seed in 12/12 and veg the rest normally. This way youll have bud sooner and a big harvest later.
    Or you can try moving from 12-18 and hope all goes well. And honestly its probably still so small that it would just confuse ur girl for a day or two and shed perk up.

    Also I had a smaller number in mind for flowering from seed. From clone I would think about 80g with no veg time but seed I was thinking closer to an oz. So like 20-30

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