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  1. Can I sprout my germinated seeds under one of these HydroFarm Sun Burst 150 W HPS lights. If I can how far should light be from my seedlings? Light has no glass cover over bulb but it does not make ALOT of heat. Thanks in advance.

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  2. I would keep that light about 2ft away from your babies. But I do want to add this... when a plant is very young, from popping out of the ground until it is 4 weeks old, the more focused your light is will create a tighter node plant. A tight node plant has to spend less transportation energy on building root and cellular structure so the plant will grow much faster while also creating a larger nutrient delivery system that help your plant maximize it yield later in it's life. I have been growing for many years and through those years i have learned that using a small light 23w cfl on each of my plants for the first 4 weeks of their life grows the best yielding plants.
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  3. I got it at bout a foot away from the plants. Is that too close? So are u saying the HPS is doing it more bad than good?
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    Get a cool hood or cool tube, set it up right and you can get them super close. I keep my 600watt cool hoods 8" away and they can get closer just in case I'm not paying attention and forget to raise the light

    If your plants are handling the heat where the lights at its fine.
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  5. Right on! Yeah the sprouts seem to be enjoying n basking in the light so I really don't wanna move light n annoy them. They just broke the soil yesterday
  6. pay attention they're seedlings just watch them
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  7. I use basically the same set up for veg, except my 150 W self ballasted HPS is made by Sun Systems.

    I keep the light about 12-18" away for seedling stage, and drop it to about 8-12" the longer the veg goes on for. Near the end of veg about 6" is all I need.

    This assumes you can cool it properly though. These don't produce a ton of heat compared to most setups so during the winter I can get away with just a 6" clip on fan to cool the whole area (2' deep 4' wide 5' tall), during the summer I turn on my exhaust setup 170 CFM 4" inline fan and temps are not an issue.
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  8. Thanks a lot really needed to c it from more than one I'm jus being cautious I'm a newb

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  9. I'm a noob myself but if I'm not mistaken I think you can put LEDs really close to your plants.
  10. I put the leds like 6in away and I girls were heat stressing the next day I got mine at 12 or 13 and it's good

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