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    I'm starting this thread a little too soon, but I need to get some ideas kicking around in my head.

    My friend and I are making plans on starting our own store in town. We've been discussing it for a few months and we're both really enthusiastic about owning our own business. We won't be initiating the whole process for a few years since we've just graduated high school and need money, investors, a set plan etc.

    The reason I say it's too soon to start this thread is because we have yet to decide on what to sell. We want our store to be unique, as to avoid competition, and neither of us have any experience in business management besides my friend running the entire marijuana scene in our town.

    What I'm asking is: do you have any tips for aspiring business owners? Any unique stores you've seen in your town I could take ideas from? Any useful skills or recourses I'll need to get my store up and running?

    And I know some of you have thought we're some stupid high school grads that don't know the difficulties of business ownership. My parents owned their own store for 20+ years and have taught me the basics of opening a store.

    I'm simply looking for advice so I don't overlook anything when establishing a plan.
  2. Got many headshops in your town?  If not, I think you can guess what I'm thinking >:D
  3. Lol there's 2 or 3 in the area...

    but there's always room for more

  4. You aren't going to start up a successful business selling stuff that no one else sells. 
  5. Go to your local arts and crafts shop and get some ideas from there. Good luck!!
    EXAMPLE:  I have a friend that is very good at airbrush painting. He bought all the airbrush supplies and some T-shirts for wholesale. People come in with pics or designs and ask him "Can you airbrush this on a shirt?"  If he can do it, he gives them a price, and then does it. You would not beieve the money he makes at doing this. He is quite sucessful.
  6. I wouldn't even think about it unless you can find that "niche market".
    I've started my own businesses before over the years. Automotive and computers. I make good money but I don't have the resources to do it full-time or anything. My best advice is to get a decent paying job and do your own thing on the side. 
  7. Start a auto body shop or something. Or a gaming center? Nonetheless, goodluck!
  8. gun shop, tattoos, piercing, clothing,icecream shop, like how big is your town what are you currently thinking about competing against
  9. Never open up a buisness with a friend :)
    Jk idk

    Sell drugs as the buisness

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    Nooo that is very true as well. I had friends that I wanted to start businesses with 3-4 years ago. Now there is no way in hell I'd want that or could trust them. And these are people I've known for most of my life and have been very close to. 
    Sole proprietor is the way to go. 
  11. Wouldn't sharing responsibilities make it easier?

  12. chuck e cheese for adults, id go
  13. You mean Dave & Busters? LOL
  14. Going in with a friend sounds good but you have to be able to take any emotion out of running your business. Also you both will have different ideas on how things should go.
  15. Being unique alone isn't going to make your business successful.  Finding a need (which comes through lots and lots of research) and filling it is what will make your business successful.  Market research, my friend, that's the foundation.  All the other stuff (sound business practices, marketing, advertisement, branding, hiring practices etc) comes after.
  16. That's what I've been trying to brainstorm for a while now.

  17. A club. Or indoor mini golf with games.
  18. I'm going to be starting a business in a few years too, a marijuana shop/lounge. There's an idea for you.
  19. Where at?
  20. Not sure yet, waiting on the legality of it to expand. If Missouri would be soon that'd be awesome for me though.

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