Starting my first "official" grow..need advice

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  1. Okay so basically the right circumstances have presented themselves and I have decided to start my first indoor grow. I have tried to grow outdoors in the past when I was alot younger and just wanted to smoke for free. Now my plans and mindset are a little different. I have done alot of research so I just need some experienced advice. My setup is as follows. (My girlfriend works at a smoke shop/ grow shop so I dont have everything yet. Im buying as I need it.)

    Grow tent 1'10" x 3' x 5'3" for vegging, mother plant, and clones
    not 100 % about the light..maybe a 450 mh
    3 12" hydroponic bucket systems
    GrowLab 120 7'11" x 3'11" x 6'7"
    4 6 pot ecogrower spider drip systems
    again havent quite settled on the lighting
    already have duct work, fans, air purifier
    nutes come with the systems so i will use those for now

    I dont have my list with me so anything im missing please add in. I would like to run a cycle moving my plants every two weeks from rooting clones, to vegetation, flowering to harvest. Im looking to get 8-10 oz per harvest every two weeks with this setup. Can I have 6 clones in 1 square bucket system for 1 month, until I transfer them to the ecogrower for flowering? Will my cuttings root in that system or do I need a daisy cloner to hold them the first 2 weeks? Can my mother plant and vegetating clones be with my rooting clones under the same lights? The 4 month old clone I am starting out with was taken from a proven mother plant and has always been grown in soil. Will growing the cutting and clones hydroponically shock the plants and kill them or is this a possible transfer? What is the best lighting for both setups? I plan on ScrOG. Is my yield goal achievable? Is this setup too small for the amount of plants i need it to hold? I know these are a lot of questions to answer but I really need to figure out the last piece to my puzzle before I can continue my quest. Any help with any of the questions is greatly appreciated.
  2. you have some things in order, but judging by your post, and im not being a dick.. you have a lot more research, reading and learning to do

    and remember the first 3 rules for the beginner.

    no tell
    no smell
    no sell

  3. :confused_2:
  4. Thanks for being honest. I have those 3 rules of thumb on lock. The only people that know about it are my girlfriend (because she lives with me) and her co worker who owns the hydroponics store next to her smoke shop. He has his opinion on all these questions and has experience as well. I just rather a second opinion to be sure as well as a different perspective.

  5. Hi there , i just want to answer a few of your questions as best as i can
    first of , yes your mother plants and your vegetative clones can be under the same light as long as you don't make the light cycle to flowering cycle (12/12)

    secondly , you can grow the clones in hydroponics , no problem there. you can use a aeroponics cloner so that way it starts making roots already in a hydroponic environment.or use rockwool or whatever you are using (as long as you dont make them root in soil first and then from soil to hydroponics.)

    best lighting for veging is MH and for flowering HPS.

    hope i helped, if any other question just ask
  6. the biggest thing when starting, is that there is so many differnet options.. lighting T5, MH, CFL, HPS etc... hydro, coco soil, soiless, etc..

    the best thing to do is to stick with one way, like decide on your lights and decide on some better nutes do things professionally if you want to harvest that much, you will be operating a large scale business so to say. document everything. start an actual journal at home as well and document eveything you think of.
  7. Let me know what that set up ends up costing you. I would like to switch from soil to hydro.
  8. Good advice from you both! Thanks for answering some of those questions anty.
    Does the space (7'11" x 3'11" x 6'7") I have seem big enough to to fit 18 flowering plants in different stages? I know the tent can fit about 4, 6 pot systems but the actual size of the plants concern me.

  9. Hopefully I will have a journal on here to look forward to and I will add it up there. Dont have the internet at my house so I use it when I can..

  10. hmm it might be a little tight but if you are going to use SoG it might go well because the plants will be small when you put them to flower, you have to chek the space out personally , ive seen a setup with 30 small plants (flowering) in 1 square meter. here's a pic of what i mean : 36plants

    :) cheers
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    Are you using a bagseed? If not them order some seeds. Pick out strain that are short to medium hieght. If they start getting to big then go ahead and flower them. With sea of green you should be able to get about that many gonna be a squeeze though. Hope you do start a journal i'll be watchin. Check out my first grow i have to get better camera for i can post em all.

  12. thanks for the pic! i havent been able to find any examples for what im talking about but thats alot of plants in a small space. im only leaving them in vegetation for 1 month..maybe sooner depending on how big they hopefully I will be able to control the size and utilize my space.

    no connect grows and already has several strains hes worked on and perfected over the years (hes an old timer) but they have been grown in soil so im not sure about the height in hydroponics..they are medium height already he says so they should be shorter in the system I would imagine. Ill be sure to check out your grow as well. Thanks for the input

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