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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bubulenti, Nov 9, 2017.

  1. hello guys,i would like to start growing my own cannabis and need some advices. i am looking to get a very big yield like about 11lbs.what do you recomend using and doing? cfls or led? how many watts to get that much and how many plants you think? any strain you recomend? ty
  2. 11 pounds ? Years of experience, a whole basement/room about $4000 worth of lighting... just to start... try 1 pound first mate.
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  3. Yeah maybe grow one or two plants first before you try and jump to 11lbs.
    You would need a huge room with thousands of actual watts
    and be very experienced to be able to pull that. Do some research. The fact that you asked about cfls and then used the phrase 11 pounds is a little ridiculous .

    Now to the question. You're going to need a room or tent/ the usual set up of fans and exhaust. Chose your medium. Strains I would pick a photo first. Something easy to grow that if you fuck up can be fixed in time. I like the Skywalker og kush I'm growing. Very forgiving and easy/quick to grow.
  4. I suggest reading and taking in everything you can from the following sites

    Get a realistic plan together, pick your nutrients/organic soil whatever you decide to go with. Study different training techniques and light schedules, then pick your strains and go from there
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  5. No it's not. He would only need about 10,000 cfl's.
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  6. Loll cfl farm!

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