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  1. Hey there, fellow blades! I'm going to be starting my first grow in this next month or so and had some questions about my setup. I plan on growing 6-8 plants in my 5x4 foot closet under a 1000 watt light with soil as my medium. I haven't decided on the nutrients I'll be using but have narrowed it down to General Organics or Earth Juice and plan on adding Hygrozyme to whichever I choose.

    Now the first question I have is about the light. I've been reading about the Grolux and Hortilux hps bulbs that provide extra blue spectrum light compared to standard hps and was wondering if anyone has had any success using these? Is it really possible to use these throughout the entire grow cycle? If so I was thinking about picking up the Hortilux and maybe adding in a few blue or red spectrum cfls as needed.

    My next question is about the nutrients. Which do you guys prefer and why? I would like to stay organic with the nutrients and like I said earlier plan to add Hygrozyme to whichever nutrients I choose. I've read a lot about this product and am pretty convinced on it's benefits but I'd love to hear what you guys have to say about it!

    Well anyways, thanks in advance for the help everybody! Stay high

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    1. U can't fit 6-8 plants in that space , u can fit 3-4 in that space . As I have a 4X4X7 and I hardly fit 4 in there .

    2. 1000W in a small area like that will build up heat quick , how are you going to handle that ? Do u have exhaust system or type of cool tube ?

    3. Nutrients are mainly for taste if u want some sweet tasting bud buy the expensive organic shit , u just want some bud use any type of nutrients I've tried all types and I've noticed no difference in growth , I always have around the same yield regardless of nutrient but taste that's different each time lol.

    4. Do not use HPS an on plants still in veggie , u will stretch the plants big time !

    5. Get some type of yo-yos or pulley system so u can lift ur light up and down to avoid stretching with MH and HPS .

    6. If u haven't bought anything yet just go with a 600W for that area and do 4 plants (plant 6-8 but end up with only 4). Also the 5feet height is possible to work with but only veggie for 3 and half weeks not more anything above 4 weeks and half u will have at least a 5 foot plant if not bigger by the time it reaches its full flowering stage . I'm veggie for 5-6 weeks and my plants r an easy 6 foot tall , my first grows I did in a 5.5ft tent and I veggied for 3-4 weeks and was fine .
    Also keep in mind indica plants will get 15-20% bigger then sativas ! So since u in a small area only grow sativas !

    7. U should start thinking about a dehumidifier unless u r living in a part of the world where its really dry as fall is fixing to start soon and that usually means higher humidity depending on ur region . My first grow was attacked by mold and I had to throw a whole plant away .

    And of course read read read , but mostly only stickies as that's where u will be getting ur most correct information .

    Grow on bro . Hope that helps
  3. Thanks for the response man!!

    First, I could've been clearer but my closet is 5x4ft square and then about 9 feet tall so plant height really isn't an issue. Do you still not think I can fit 6 plants in there when only vegging for a month or so??

    And about the hps, that was really my question about these Hortilux/Grolux "full-spectrum" bulbs that produce extra blue spectrum light. Is it possible to veg under these with some additional blue spectrum cfls in there?

    Heat is one of my concerns. The closet is in my air conditioned house and the light will be in a cooltube with an inline exhaust fan clearing the air. But will that be enough?

    And I realize 1000 watt is a little much for such a small room but I'm getting it for free from a homie so I can't pass that up!

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    Lol totally missed that part (smoking on that good lol) if it's 9 feet tall u r good to veggie for 7-8 weeks which in return will give u around 400grams per plant dried . So 4X400grams u got over a key !
    And no u won't be able to fit but 4 if u want a comfortable area for ur plants (meaning all bud sites get light) also u will not have a place to put a dehumidifier most likely .

    HPS should only be used for flowering , u can use it for both and since u got 9 feet its possible but id stick with what's known to be the best in veggie and that's MH
    Cool tube with in line fan in an AC room u r golden ! Good to see uve been reading up lol
    And u can also just switch out the 1000W light for a 600w they go on ebay for 40-50$ which in return will give u the same amount of yield on them 4 plants and will be cheaper power costs wise
  5. Well I live in the Southwest US so humidity is definitely not a problem lol. And I forgot to mention it above, but I plan on covering the walls with Mylar, which if I understand should reflect 98% of the light. Doesn't this mean I can grow more plants in a smaller area since the bud sights will be getting light reflected off the mylar as well? If not I may have to just plan on vegging a smaller number of plants for a longer period of time. Right now, I was going to veg the 6-8 plants for only a month or so and then start flowering. But this does sound too crowded to you?

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    just veggie 4 plants  for 8 weeks and that will make it like u r growing 8 plants for 4 weeks .  . but keep in mind the bigger the plant the harder it will be to take care of. go ahead and try to grow 6-8 plants in that area and then see what happens , i guess u gotta live and learn right :D
    the light is strong enough to take care of 6-8 plants without a question . and also the reflection of light is overrated , i was thinking as u r about reflecting light with foil or white walls etc during my first grow , i looked more into it and at the end of the day them reflections scientifically dont do shit to help the plant grow or bud bigger. the direct light is what the plant needs , so dont waste ur time with all that . if anything just paint the inside all white , so like that u got white walls and the grow room is brighter !
  7. I just harvested four White Widows that I grew in a box that is 2x3x6. It was little crowded but the plants produced well. I have a 400 watt HPS that I used to flower. I used CFLs to veg.
  8. yeah and the reason u were even able to make it in such an area was because u vegged with CFL's try that with a 400W MH or HPS u wont be able too fit 4 plants  , :)
  9. Actually the grow before I did use a 400 watt MH. I just tend to get tighter internode spacing with CFLs. Also, nutrients are for making the plant grow, chains are good for adjusting lights, a 1000 watt light is perfect for that size space, indicas are better for small indoor grows, and I have never used a dehumidifier in my grow and I live in the humid southeast.
  10. Thanks for the help guys! So you think I should just steer away from the Hortilux bulb and switch from mh to hps?

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