Starting my first grow soon, any helpful suggestions are welcome

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  1. So im starting my first grow soon and couldnt be more excited [​IMG]!!!!! I ordered some seeds from Herbies ( 3x Royal Queen Quick One Auto Fem, then they threw these in free, 1x Dinafem OG Kush Fem and 2x Afghani Regular) and in the mean time i been setting up my growbox. im only gonna be growing one at a time so i didnt really need a expensive/fancy setup and im not really handy, but i think it came out good lol. i connected the lights (will be using cfls) to a board and hung it with a chain, installed intake/outtake pc fans, attached a power supply to the back. well anyway just wanted to share and if anyone has suggestions, please let me know. happy growing!


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  2. is that foil?
    If it is it's gonna cause problems with heat. You basically made an oven.

    Try getting Mylar they sell them cheap Mylar blankets online

  3. yea it is, tried to go the cheapest route lol. But how will it be like an oven? i thought cfl's produce very little heat. i was actually worried it be too cold, the temp in my room where ill have it, is normally kinda low
  4. Turn on the lights, intake and out take fans throw the thermometer in there walk away for 18 hours , see what it says, dry run ,ya know, looks decent I put something together last year along those same lines

  5. thanks bro i was gonna try that, giving it a test run. how did that grow go btw with that setup?
  6. Also keep in mind that non shiny side should be facing out. Common mistake ppl make hanging tinfoil

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    you will need your sisters vibrater so the plants have a vibration so the soil doesnt sit still. it replicates lizards and worms. you also need a cake tray so the plants urine will not be mistaken for lemon juice and you dont try bake a cake out of urine

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  8. 1456382568821.jpg

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  9. wtf are you guys talking about
  10. Yea I tried it out and the temp jumped almost 10 degrees in an hour... I'm gonna have to get some Mylar

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  11. look into Mylar emergency blankets.

    Very cheap stuff but works
  12. If I were you, I wouldn't worry about mylar or foil. I'd just paint the interior with flat bright white paint. Here's a discussion on the topic of reflectivity from a website I trust. I don't know why folks would think foil would make the room heat up more than Mylar. Jumping 10 degrees isn't bad and has more to do with lighting and ventilation than the wall treatment.

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    You'll also want to seal up everything so that it's light tight. Personally I think you'll want more ventilation. Things can get pretty humid in a small space with a plant in there. I suggest you read everything in that link I posted. Front to it were. All in all you've made a good effort though.
  14. No problem, the cabinet works great for vegged, got it loaded with cfls, a cool mist humidifier a small fan and a ⁴" booster fan piped out the top, everything runs off separate timers, that way I was an to screw around with stuff and really dial in the temps and humidity, the exaust runs for a while, then the, humidifier will kick on and off, stays at a constant 65% RH, and a constant 79 degrees,
  15. Thanks man, maybe I'll just try that instead I'm sure it'll be easier anyway. I'll check out that page too, I know a little bit about this stuff but certainly could stand to learn more

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  16. Sounds like an amazing setup and process you got going. Idk I think I'm gonna just pull out the foil and add another fan or two n hopefully that'll help

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  17. how you come up with this shit ? Lmao

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  18. So I have a question, is miracle gro really that bad? I went to several stores today and was only able to find miracle gro soil so I just picked some up. I'm a bit worried tho because I've read A LOT of negative things about their products saying that they're full of chemicals and simply not good. Has anyone else here used this specific mix?[​IMG]

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  19. My first journal was grown with that soil. Check it out if you want. Not the best grow, but it's good for my first. It's not bad, but I recommend Fox Farm if you can get your hands on it. I added vermiculite and perlite to that soil.
  20. Avoid MG nutes though. Awful for cannabis plants since they need certain nutes during certain stages of its growth only. Hence why MG's slow release nutes are terrible for cannabis plants.

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