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    Hey guys I just acquired a 2m x 1.2m x 1m grow tent and all I need now is the globes. I was wondering what would be the best size and type of globes to get the most out of the tent?
    Thank you SO MUCH for any help :)
    I have a 400W Ballast and a MP e39/e40 500V 1500W 4KV hood.
    I plan on growing autoflowing plants, as much of as I can.

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  3. I'm sorry someone fill me in... Globes?

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  4. Im also curious as to what a globe is.
  5. What's the ballast?
    You'll end up replacing the bulb after a grow or two, so my recommendation is get whatever you can get to get you started that will work with your ballast, and while you're learning about how to work with your setup you can look around for what you'll upgrade in the future.  The problems you have in your first grow are unlikely to be related to the brand of bulb you choose.

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