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  1. Hey guys I planted my seeds and they have been growing nicely for six days or so. I plan on transplanting outside so I have been matching the sunrise/sunset times..... SHould I switch them back to 24 hours of light.. I know this is better for first two months, but I don't want them to be thrown off when I put them outside.... WHat do I do? THANKS
  2. I also plan on transplanting to smaller pots to allow more indoor growth. I am also putting them in FF Ocean Forest. SHould I add anything? Also buying NUte pak and starting after about 45 days... Good idea?
  3. NO!!!! - I have been talking to 2 growers who did that, and when their girls went outside it triggered flowering straight away. Stick to sunrise/sunset.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply, man. Second time you've helped me out. Everything else sounds good? Changing soil won't make a difference? Straight ocean forest or should I add some perlite? 50 percent? Then add nutes after 45 Days?
  5. You´re welcome. Some pics would be nice.
    I mix my own soil, I add sand and volcanic rock chips for extra drainage.
    I cannot buy Fox farms here, and perlite is expensive and hard to find. But a bit of extra drainage is always good, IMHO.
    I add organic nutes to my sprouts after a week.
  6. The change in light will trigger the plants to begin flowering, but IMO that is not a bad thing.

    I vegetate my plants for a couple of months under 18 hrs. of light until they get too big for my grow-box. Then I put them outside where they flower until harvest.

    I think this provides the best of both growing styles...the artificially long veg. days of indoor growers and the power of the sun to develop big fat buds that outdoor growers enjoy.
  7. If you have them under 24/0 for just a few weeks from seed then put them out they won't flower but they will develop faster with less stretching. Any longer than three weeks you will want to match the natural light cycle.

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