Starting Indoor Growing, Got A Couple Of Questions, Please Help

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  1. Hello, I plan to grow 10 plants in 10m2 to 21m2, 2.8m height but havent`t decided on the seeds yet.
    There is going to be a good amount of light, 2 HPS lamps of 600W are enough I think.
    What indoor plants with high amount of THC have the biggest yields and are not hard to grow, I am a beginner yet.
    Are there some nutrients that I need to use in the vegetative stage?
    Thanks a lot, I would really appreciate your help!

  2. first grow in a room 21m x 10m x 2.8m high with 2 600w hps lights, 10 plants errrrrrrrrr you want to be a cash cropper with no ideal lol.
    best ideal, grow a few plants in a room 1m x 1m, 600w hps and use a strain like skunk 1 or northen lights and look on google and read.
    if you don't kill them and you pull a good yeild go for two lights in a 2m x 1m room and be happy with what you pull :)
  3. Actually now I have 2*600W and 1*400W in a 4m*3m room:)
    I have chosen white widow*big bud for the seeds, guess somewhere between 20-25 plants would be enough.
    Northern lights is kind of hard to grow and skunk was one of the breeds I have considered buying.
    I am doing this with a couple of my friends and I am sure we can handle growing these plants, internet is full of forums and I know approx. everything needed to grow a plant, ofc, none experience(
    From your experience, what could possibly go wrong in this and what are the main reasons that could compromise all our investment?
    I`m looking forward speaking with you Joe, hopefully you will have some time to help me out on this.
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    I will do my best to help
    4m x 3m room is good but too big for the lights you have
    they a few diffent ways you could play this
    with the room you have and lights
    I would set the room up like this
    its best to sort the room out first before talking about the nuber of plants, strain and how your going to grow
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    Hi Joe, Thanks for the idea about sorting out the room. I am not planning to grow plants for a long time, this time and maybe after harvest one more time and that`s it, it is kind of risky here and I don`t want to make this a lot of times. How much space do I need to fit 1*400W and 2*600W lights only in one room?
    I am making now the order and it should arrive in 5 days. Here is the link with the products I am ordering, I will buy soil, lights and pots from my town.
    I have found cheaper HPS lights from my country. I don`t know which kind of soil to use, definitely not coco because I cannot find for sale here, hope that the most expensive gardening soil will do the job.
    Is 1.5L of Plagron startup enough for 30 plants? It says I dont need any root simulations etc, this nutrient has everything needed.
    I am going to buy another blooming nutrients later because now I don`t have the money.
    Placing each plant in a 10 Litre pot will be enough?
    Thanks a lot once again, I`m looking forward speaking with you.
    Best regards, Ujas.

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