Starting grow indoors, then moving outdoors. Will they flower at 14hr long days in Central Cali?

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  1. Hey all,

    I have a couple seeds of Sunset Sherbert that I am germinating right now. Once they sprout, I plan on vegging them indoors for a few weeks to a month, and then moving them outdoors around the end of July. I am in central cali latitude, so should be about 14hr days then. Is it probable that they will start flowering right away, going from 24hrs to around 14hrs?

  2. @BleedTeal
    Way late in the season but I've done it this late.
    Some notes.
    Going from 24-0 to outside will always flower. Any changing-shorting of light hours will cause flower.
    Lighting under 14.5 hours will flower.
    In short the little bastards love to flower. Keeping them in Veg is the tough part.
    I run a veg space in an old garden shed full of T5 High outputs fluorescents 6500K and toss them outside to flower.
    4 sets per year.
    June 1st = harvest, take clones, Set out plants
    Oct 15th = same
    Jan 1st = same
    March 15th = Same
    An American Dream - White Picket Fences and Marijuana in the So Cal Sun
    How it's done.
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