starting from seed

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by buddy, Sep 1, 2002.

  1. out doors &getting started.
  2. i suggest you start your seedlings inside.... or close near.. 2 ways germinating seed that i find to work well.. place seeds inside of damp towels with a plate over top of them... keep towels damp.... plant your seed in your dirt... give your sprout light as soon as it sprouts.... let your plant grow to about 5-6 inches before you transplant outside dont want it to die!!! good luck!!
  3. Buddy, depends on where you are but i doubt you have enough growing time left this year to start outdoors?
    good luck
  4. mcurry its just starting to warm up [16-19 deg] by xmas it will be [av 25-35 deg] but lm no weather man. No 1 is in Melb/Australia. compost time around april ISH.
  5. Tokemansam lm trying both pies as l hate waiting.l used soak plate & paper towel method. 100% strike rate. about 3inches little bit stringy so l lowered lights Am l right ? PS ..STILL LOOKING FOR A FEW PUREBRED SEEDS IF ANYONE CAN HELP much appr BUDDY.
  6. Have some seeds dont know much about growing just about smoking lol how would i get started and what do i need to et started and then were do i go from there.. thanx
  7. after your seedlings crack and you have a little white root ish looking thing coming out its time to plant.... plant the pointy side down of the seed so your plant will grow down and then up so it will have a strong ROOOT soo far it sounds good on what your doing@! sry for the late response... if your using flouros i would move your lights about 3 inches from your plants.... mist and water daily.. but dont over doo it good luck

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