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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Chalice, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. I am currently living in Mexico by way of Vancouver, Needless to say the quality of smokable's has drastically declined in my life, To the point that i basically dont even want to smoke any more (i cant believe i just said that). Procuring any decent weed here is such a hassle and quite often futile that ive decided to take a bit a risk (tho less risk then dealing with the narco's y policia) and get back to growing. Back in vancouver i had always had a few house plants of some really nice strains kicking around my apartment and thoroughly enjoyed caring for and cultivating them but i was definently no pro-grower, But i do have the basics and a few tricks to produce some decent indoor mota. The problem lies with procuring seed to get things started, I have considered alot of different option's, First that i would get family/friends back in van to send me quality strains, Which ive asked them to do but everybody seems paranoid that they will get busted and charged, And i dont want to force anybody to do anything there not comfortable with. Secondly seeing as how pretty much all the weed ive seen so far in mex is full of seeds i am considering starting from plain old mexican schwag seeds, Which i think if they were grown indoor (90% of the stuff for sale here is outdoor) and i make sure to kick out the males and keep it just females, i might end up with something worth rolling, Basically if anybody has any ideas, advice, comments etc. please hit me up, I miss quality dro' so bad but hopefully i can get high with a little help from my fiends. Jah bless
  2. dude indoor grown shwag bagseed is far better than dirt shwag. don't get me wrong i mean good genetics make a big difference, but you can still attain decent bud growing shwag bagseed.

    so i mean if it's totally impossible for anyone to send you seeds (including seed companies) then that is your only real option.
  3. Thanks dood, That's what i figured, Maybe the seed isnt super-cultivated hybrid genetics but its still weed and any seed given the best conditions (and im totally going to TLC this shit) can grow into quality bud. Thanks chemicalcomfort, BTW does anybody know where i can read up on techniques (in-breeding etc) to maybe in a few crops/generations develop this bagseed into a decent strain?

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