Starting From Scratch. Small Grow. Tips?

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  1. I'm starting a little grow so I spend less money at the dispensary. I pretty knew to growing and gardening in general. I currently have 5 plants. Four of which just sprouted this week. The other plant is much older. Not sure how old though, it was given to me..
    The four sprouts have been planted in small pots with all-purpose potting soil that I got for free on Craigslist. I didn't want to spend money on soil until I knew exactly what to get.  What kind of potting soil  works best? Any nutrients or anything I should look for? 
    As far as lighting goes I'm just keeping them in the sun during the day. I live on California's central coast so weather isn't issue. 
    How often should I water the plants?
    When should I transplant them into bigger pots and what size pot is best to use?
    As you can see in the photos the eldest plant shows some yellow on the leaves. Is this a lack of Nitrogen in the soil, or lack of sunlight? Also the tips of some of the leaves are wilting. The leaves are also kind of droopy, is this normal?
    Any advice that you're willing to share is much appreciated. I'm going to keep this thread up for the span of my plants life cycle. So I'm sure that I have many more questions in the future. 
    (Photos: 1 of 4 of my sprouts, and a few shots of my older plant.)


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  2. I think it would be a good idea to at least go to your local nursery or hard center .. Not home depot and at least get ProMix .. Looks to me like your soil has no nutes in it at all.. How is the drain ?? How often are you watering ?? You do not want the soil wet you want to let it dry out some .. When the pot feels light then water .. Over watering is a big NoNo .. Get some good soil at least .. Foxfarm makes good shit. I personally use ProMix which can be found at your local nursery. It might not be called promix where you live but ask for promix they will know what your talking about.. Good luck

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  3. Its kind of hard to see the biggest plant due to some shadows, but it looks like you have some dead leaves that need to be clipped before they spread. And clipping shouldn't impact your plant because it's at a good height. For Watering, people say like 3-4 days apart. For full plants a 5 gal pot is great, depends on your space available. Can't help much with soil, i use an organic mix so that not helpful if you need soil right now. With that little seedling, i transplanted around that height to a slightly bigger container, like maybe 1 gal?, then once it grew more it moved to a 7 gal.
    Like jmayes said, overwatering is very important to watch for.
    Good Luck with the grow!
  4. have your timed how much time they get during the daylight as lack of sun will do that all so for flower you need 12 and 12 to induce flower stage so if you intend to keep them in sun light

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