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  1. basically ive bought a clone from a dispensary. its female and skunk #2 i believe. transplanted it into potting soil. idk what kind. i do know it was outside in the rain in cali for 2 weeks so its flushed out. i set up in my closet for now bc i know new transplanted plants have shock periods and its too cold outside right now to have it out there. has a cfl on it for 18+ hours with a small fan pumping air flow. no outside light. lights like 6" or more away from it. my grow space will be in my garage inside a raised wooden cabinet. maybe 6' tall total. have fluorescent lights but working on hps lights for budding. i dont really have a place to get distilled water so just wondering if ph 7.0 filtered water would work. if i let it sit for a day or more. i know how growing goes if i had money to spend on the products however just wondering that if im just growing for me and maybe one other friend.... are there any cheaper alternatives to growing. i dont care about getting the most bud out of the plant as long as i can clone it and have new bud every other month or so.
  2. If you want to yield some good tasty bud in any sort of quantity, you're gonna need to spend some $$.

    Plus, unless you're using a flowering rotation, you're really only gonna see bud every 2-3 months, and it won't be much. An ounce or two if you aren't putting any money into it.
  3. i always have used tap water that I've let sit out for 24 hours and it has never been a problem for me
  4. Dude you get what you put in really and u can keep your light on 24 hours

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  5. I attached my plant so far. I figured the more I put into it the more I'd get. I'm doing the 18/6 lighting rotation with cfl. Keeping the plant moist but not too wet. Some of the tips are curling up but not a lot of them. I'm just worried that if I keep my light too far the plant will freeze. It's freakn cold in Cali right now so keeping it 70 degrees is impossible without burning up energy. Thanks for the replies though all of them will help me grow better.

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  6. well plants over a foot tall right now. ill add a pic in a bit. the leaves are still kinda small for the height of the plant so i put the light a bit closer. maybe itll keep it from stretching up so much. just waiting on the tax returns to get some better lights... timers... and some newer soil.
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    so theres a few views of it so far. doing good. had some rolly polly problems. fuckers kept trying to get on my plant. found a small milipede or centipede forget which one isnt poisonous and is tiny. i also see super tiny white almost bugs in the dirt. really wanna get new soil cuz these bugs are now bugging me hahah. anyways if you see any problems of have tips im open to suggestions.

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