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    Well after a botched first run at things, I have decided to start fresh and make a few changes. My grow medium is a perlite, organic sphagnum moss, and orchid bark mixture.

    The pics show 7 days after being placed in the potting mix. The blue markers are ICE and the white ones WHITE WIDOW. two of the seeds I think may be dead cause they have not come up yet, but we'll see what transpires in the next few days.

    I raised the lights for the pics, but since they have sprouted they have only been about 4" from the tops. I've since lowered them more and added more moss around the stem for support, being that they have grown so damn tall.

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  2. Looking good dude. If you are using cfls, just so long you have adequate airflow you can get them as close as 2-3". Nice drip setup you got there :)

  3. Thanks. I am using 2 - 4' Shop Lights 4 40w T5 bulbs.
  4. Fascinating... pullin up a chair. :smoke:
  5. Nice grow man! Love the setup. Good luck.

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