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Starting delivery service in California?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by 420enthusiast, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. I recently started a thread about starting a dispensary. I'm wondering if there's anything different I would do for starting a delivery service? Do these services even bother with trying to be an official club? I've seen plenty of ads just posted on craigslist.
  2. anyone know about this?
  3. I can say this about this situation here in California .

    The way the winds blowing here shows a trend towards " Collective(s) " type non-profit organizations . They are harder to hit by the feds heh heh .

    Dispensaries are walking a tightrope it seems here . Several counties are dragging their heels on this issue . Towns are legislating whether or not to allow them at all , like Palm Desert California , San Diego County along with San Bernardino counties are suing to stop the Medical Marijuana cards . Palm Springs allows only two dispensaries in it's city limits and also stipulated that only residents of Palm Springs be allowed to use this dispensary . The limiting of it's use only to " Palm Springs " residents is more than likely an un enforceable law , it will be interesting to see how this works out here .

    Delivery is how its looking here with two dispensaries ( one that was in Palm Desert California ) my area opting for delivery only service . Only 3 total in an area of more than 250000 people .

    To be able to use this service you must register with them first in person and then afterwords can you determine how and what you want delivered to you if your a person with a medical condition a certified Dr. has given a prescription for it's medical use for you .

    Many people end up as a " Care Giver " to help some one obtain / buy / grow MM but , that too is being mulled about . So far it's a crap shoot so be aware . In some instances if your are a care giver and not living with the person your a care giver for , you can get into some trouble too . A care giver can grow for you or you as a care giver can grow for an ailing person . Again it's not to clear here so caution is the word .

    Some people can grow up to 20 mature flowering plants and 20 vegs & 20 starts as issued by the Dr. who gave them the prescription for MM , so .........

    Be sure what YOUR allowed to grow for yourself and or others as a care giver . I have realized the amount I'm allowed to grow will not cut it ( 6 mature , 6 veg & 6 starts ) since it's indoors and yields for an indoor grow for 6 mature plants as in my case will not be enough to give me a stable and constant supply . I will get my prescription revised soon :):smoking:


    Local Boy

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