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starting day 4 of my t break

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Guitar Guy, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. And it fucking sucks. Right now it is 3:30 in the morning and I can't get to sleep. Also I took 150 mg of tramadol to relieve my back and neck pain but it also gave me cotton mouth and nausea.

    I am very proud of myself though, because I do have a tiny amount of weed left (enough to get rid of the nausea and put me to sleep) but I am refraining from Vaping it. Every other time I tried to t break I gave up the second night but this time I'm going for at least two weeks.

    The reason I'm t breaking is to experience the sober life a bit because I was an everyday toker, manage what little bit of money I have right now, and prove to myself that I have the self control to say no I don't want to do it. So far I have been proud of my progress and the fact that this is the longest break I've willingly taken.

    Also I just facetimed with my cousin while he was smoking and I wanted to smoke so bad with him. Sucks man :\
  2. Can't talk about other drugs dude. You don't have to force a t-break if you don't want to. Why be miserable, just smoke a day or two until you run out then don't buy bud for a week, let that be your t-break. I personally think they're a waste but that's just my opinion.

    It would be a lot better to smoke than be popping those pills, I'll tell you that.
  3. Ok thank you for the response but I think there was some accidental confusion in my post.

    I didn't take the tramadol recreationally, I took it to get rid of my back and neck pain. See, I had major surgery a year ago and have had and will have chronic back pain for two more years. Smoking weed has always helped this but now I have to resort to tramadol, which is not even scheduled by the DEA so I see no problem talking about it on this forum, especially since I didn't use it to "get high"

    And I would smoke that last little bit but the way I see it that would be me giving in and that is the very thing I don't want to do. I want to prove to myself that I am stronger than the will to smoke weed, and what better way than to actually have weed but keep myself from smoking it?

    I believe this will help me manage my money better too. I'm in the real world now, mom isn't buying me stuff just because I want it. I need to learn to manage my money better because I was never taught how to (U.S. schools don't teach this lol) and whenever I have money I usually end up blowing it on drug related stuff, video game related stuff, or just random shit
  4. It should start to get easier at this point at least!
  5. I sure hope so. Forcing myself to stay awake today on pretty much 2 hours of sleep so that I will definitely sleep tonight. That should reset my schedule.

    Also I am having a lot of post nasal since I started my break. Don't know if that's normal? Maybe that's my lungs clearing out the two years of resin build up haha
  6. some more responsibly your creating problems for yourself by the way your thinking, best to not over think when it comes to weed.

    Smoke sativa through the day and indicas at night, dont smoke everyday all day, some days just at night some days just through the day and some days both day and night.

    Limit your intake to half of what you were smoking and try and get off those tramadols, is the pain really worth an opiate addiction?

    Weed is all you need why put yourself through a mad test to see if you can quit for X amount of days I know I could if I wanted but why would I want to that is the question, who you trying to impress here yourself?
  7. Yeah, I'm on day 56.
  8. Good for you brotha
  9. It truly is amazing the amount of people that get butt hurt when someone tries to take a break.

    Leave me the fuck alone about the tramadol, I was on it daily for 6 months and quit it cold turkey no problems. Nothing changed physically or mentally and I never had a craving for them or whatever.

    And what's the point of telling someone who wants to take a break by telling them "yo dude, smoke halt as much as you did, and smoke every day" I know I didn't specify, but I would only vaporize .1 maybe .2 every night. I didn't smoke during the day because I like to reward myself with weed.

    Also, how am I creating problems for myself when I want to teach myself money management? Its just weed, not my life.

    Thank you to all of you who were understanding though. It was a motivation boost
  10. Yea dude. If they don't have anything positive to say or advice to give I don't know why they're posting. Fuck em. On that note, I'm going on 78 days and it does get easier but I'm so ready to light up a blunt, smoke a bowl, then a bong, then pass out lol
  11. I just ended my 4 month T break last friday. :D
  12. I'm 7 days in

    Not sure if I'm quitting or tbreaking, first week is the hardest though. Especially the sleeping

  13. Why quit? I can understand taking a break and not smoking everyday but I don't think I'll ever quit.
  14. Day 19! Was an everyday toker for over a year... like someone else said first week is the hardest part. After that, you're fine just do other things.
  15. #15 FallenOne08214, Aug 6, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 6, 2012
    Money is easy to manage. Just don't buy shit. I started just paying my bills and keeping the rest. I buy weed every 1-3 months, depending on how far I stretch my O. Games, I admit I just spent $250 on steam during summer sale/pre orders. First time in a long time though.

    Tuesday starts an 8 day break for me since I'll be out of state. And in the last 3 months, I went from being high all day every day to only smoking nights and weekends. Really makes an O last.

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