Starting clones, neeed help please

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  1. Hey guys i am going to start cloning and i was wondering how necessary it is to have a heat mat under the clones for heat.
    Do i really need this or would i be ok without the heat mat.

    Also what in your opinion is the best cloning gel.
    Thanks guys
  2. I got 3 clones to root with not heat mat. Just keep them in a warm spot. I used a powder and it worked ok, it was all i could find.
  3. ok thanks a lot for the feedback my good friend, i appreciate it
  4. I clone with a good success rate using only (soil or peat) and powder hormone. It takes about 2-3 weeks to root and requires no heat mat and very little light.
  5. I use no heat mat and a clone or gel, just a little light in a warm place and a humidity dome with a gel or powder (both work well)
    Only thing i noticed is i have higher success with a cutting that has a thicker "stem"
  6. thanks for the reply grrrower, i usually use 3 parts soil and 1 part perlite to make my final soil haha
    do you think that would work ok, or should i add more perlite
    also what kind of light do you use, i was going to put the clones under a couple 42 watt cfl's, will that be good??
    also what do you use as a planter, do you use a humidity dome, one last thing whats the brand of the clone stuff you use
    thanks again
  7. thanks for the replay xx, so i should take a cutting that has a thicker stem
    what kind of clone gel and humidity dome planter thing do you use
  8. I use clonex gel, but had to order it because it's not sold very locally. (hour and a half away) You can get green light rooting hormone in lowes for like 8$ here though.
    As for my dome it's ghetto but it works. Two party cups, top one is translucent under a 2' T5HO. I usually keep it on there a week give or take.
    2 1/2 soil to 1 perlite and just keep it moist.
    Remember you don't need to much light. You're looking for root development not veg growth yet. :D
  9. that's about the same thing i do with my soil, i add a little lime too. It is fine for rooting clones. I've been using jiffy pots (peat) to start things and once roots pop out i move them into small soil containers, still keeping them under the dome.

    Clones need very little light! this is quite important. too much light will kill your baby clones.

    you could easily take 10 clones and keep them 12" from a single 23W CFL.
  10. thanks for the replys again, i thought i would need a good bit of light for the clones to grow but i guess i will only use one 42 watt cfl a little over the humidity dome
  11. Very welcome. One more little tip, i don't know how many people do this but...
    I put my clones in 24-48 hours darkness when first putting them in their soil.
  12. i thought the more light the better, but i really dont know cuz i never cloned
  13. plants cant photosynthesize without roots. The light just lets the plant know that it is still alive and should sprout roots quickly or it will die. You will want to keep that 42W bulb at least a foot from your clones.

    i have never heard of this. No need to reinvent the wheel.
  14. No reiventing... i had heard of a couple other members on the forum that do this as well so i tried it and logically i guess it makes sense.
    Like you said, plants can't photosynthesis without roots. Why give it a reason to try? :)
  15. thanks a lot for the info, ill make sure now that i dont use a lot of light when cloning

    i really want to clone because im down to my last femmed seed (vio kush) and im paranoid about buying more on the net, so i would rather have kush than bagseed of course, thanks again
  16. Just use a cloning dome and a rectangular tray. Keep the inside of the dome at 30 celcius and 90% humidity. Spray the clones two times per day to keep them humid. Try to have the dome placed in a smaller grow box or closet space that has an ambient temperature of 26 celcius and 70%!

    Use rock wool to grow your clones. Ive had some nice roots in 7 days ;)
  17. thanks dr green that was good info
    i was thinking of using peat pellets because i seen a lot of good vids with cloning and peat pellets, do you use a heat mat
  18. I use to have the cloning box (2 ft x 2 ft x 4 ft) over the frige which keep it at 26C and 70% and inside the cloning dome at 30C at 90%!
  19. No clone dome, gel or spray bottle needed, just pure water and a home made clone machine. Clone machines are very hard to beat for their reliability and ease of use.

    Let me help you build one: Lets Build a Clone Machine *Step-By-Step*
  20. thanks for the reply, that post you have on how to build a clone machine is perfect, thanks again

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