Starting back up again.. 3 years out.

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    Been a few years since my last grow I was 19 and am 22 now and ready to get growing again and thought I would start a grow diary here.

    My set up is new and improved.

    Big green room tent
    2 600w air cooled lights
    3 fans (two intake and a 8inch out take)
    8inch carbon filter
    Fan speed controller
    MH bulb for veg
    HPS bulbs for flowering

    I will be starting from feminized seed's and I plan on having about 8-9 plants in total , last time I had half the space and had 10 plants in but I realise sometimes less is more and each plant will have a lot more space so hopefully I should see some nice results.

    Strains I will be growing.

    2 Strawberry kush
    2 Lemon skunk
    2 Sweet tooth
    2 g13 haze
    1 the hog (possibly if it is female as only have the one seed and its not feminized)

    My set up will be ready to go by the end of today and I will start germinating after leaving the set up running for a day just to make sure all is running correct.

    I will be using a root booster after they have germinated and will be using nutrients but just dont no the name off hand.

    I do have one question, if anyone has grown any of the strains above do you no say for instance if say the sweet tooth works good with say topping or lst or supercropping as I have never growing these plants before so wanting to work out what each strain may respond best to.

    I will be updating this thread with pictures and will try to get a pic up of my set up once finished later.


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