Starting an indoor agricultural business.

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which light should i get?

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  1. Shenzen Yuanhui

  2. Kingbrite

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  3. Crecer PantherX II

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  1. Hello my fellow growers! I am starting an indoor agricultural business for self sustainability, family, and friends. I know what i want to grow i have a 500sqft grow space and i want to fill the entire space with true aeroponics for herbs, dwc for vegetables, and my own soil mix. I have everything figured out but lighting. I know nobody has compared Samsung diodes to the Alibaba diodes. I'm on week 8 of veg with my girls and they are doing great under 240w kingbrite LEDs 3000k. Here they are: 240w Samsung Lm301h 288 V3 Kingbrite Board Led Horticulture Grow Lights - Buy Lm301h,Samsung Lm301h Product on

    The problem is that they only have a 1 year warranty, and for small time growing they are fine for the price, but not for a larger scale grow for food. i stumbled across these: Alibaba Manufacturer Directory - Suppliers, Manufacturers, Exporters & Importers

    these have a 5 year warranty at 50,000 hours but i know vendor to vendor it varies only the diode quality. Like i said i was impressed with kingbrites 240w boards. I'm not familiar with this branch on Alibaba. Any skeptics? At this scale is it worth paying over double the price for wattage for an American company? The American lights i was looking at :

    So for around $1360 i can get about 2400 watts with a 5 year warranty.. though I'm not familiar with the company and i think there products are fairly new if I'm not wrong. Alibaba just dropped a whole bunch of new and improved LED products. I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on the Shenzen Yuanhui's has anyone bought from this branch or had problems? Thank you for you're guy's patients and time
  2. I would probably look into what spectrum to use for vegg and greens, 3000k might not be the best for non fruiting plants
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  3. If its a serious investment I'd be looking at hlg or someone other than kingbrite.
    I have 480w of kingbrite qb and they work well, I have also just purchased from a legit company and the quality difference is noticeable, not to mention you can't guarantee the bin of the diodes on the Chinese boards.

    Kingbrite boards are good bang for your buck and I don't know how much it would matter for growing herbs and vegetables.

    Yknow what they say...
    Buy cheap, buy twice.

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