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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by celticweedlover, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. K, i managed to get 4 of us to get in on growing in 1 of their houses,
    Its in a wardrobe, i could grow 3 huge plants in there so im gonna use "thai-weed seeds",
    Im still gonna use flouro's for this(im gonna talk em into getting a 250wHPS soon)
    Basically the same as my last set-up only bigger,
    it about 3-4ft wide, 6ft high, 1and a half ft deep.
    If any'1s gt any comments or advice, dont hesitate to say it,
  2. Yeah dont keep digging your seeds up to see how well there growin and how good your compost is. I red ur other post ya nutter.
  3. oh and 250w of hps is only gonna light the top of ur plant. put the fluros down the back and/or sides of ur growspace and u shud get better budding all over the plant and not just at the top.
  4. lol, Ya read dat post huh?
    The stupidest little things excite me lol
    Yeah i was gonna put long flouros down the sides as well but now im thinking about a 400w/500w hps instead or sumtin,
    So where u from anyway?
    Thanx for de advice!
  5. Yeah a 400w HPS wud b the dogs dangleys. as long as u can cope with the heat... just a thought but if ur gonna start stumpin up all them punts on lamps and the lecky to run them y dont u go the whole hog and cough up a tenner 4 sum seeds. thai's a gr8 smoke but it aint the easyest 1st time grow and do u really wanna wait 4mths 4 ur smoke when u can get plants that will flower in half the time and get u just as stoned.
  6. I never knew it would take that long to grow,
    What would be easy to grow, small,good stone and good yield?
    Im not happy with just 3 plants anymore now, im gonna try and talk him into a bigger set-up, i want the whole room to grow 30 or 40 maybe, lets hope he agrees!
  7. Northen Lights or any northen lights cross wud b a good place to start lookin..

    u got the bug real bad aint ya, from a plant or 2 under the desk to a major dope growin factory in only a few weeks!!

    tmw the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Grow on m8, and gud luk

  8. lol..ya gottta admit that is funny
  9. Lol,
    I got the bug real bad,
    i just wanna make it worth our while and i want a big supply of bud for the summer,
    And to top it all off, i still didnt even grow a plant fully yet!
    Well i heard today that the guy who owns the house is barely managing to keep up with the rent, i think he'll want a lot of cash soon,and i want a lot of cash and bud too,
    I dont think id be able to afford to grow in the whole room though, maybe 20 plants is a good amount between 4, 5 plants each, say 1/2 oz off each plant is 5/10 oz each and a bag of stems and leaves to make hash,
    not that bad but since theres 4 of us i want more and MORE!

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