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  1. OK, I've germinated another seed, Abigail is sick - She is 6 and a half weeks old, and about 6 and a half inches tall. All her lower leaves went brown and fell off. I tried to fim her but didn't cut low enough, I think, so the top leaves are a bit mangled..... I think I still might get two tops though?


    Say hello to Belinda!....... 112.JPG

    She's another feminised White Widow. I've got her on 18/6 already.
    I've adjusted the soil mix, PH is better, and it's a bit looser.
    I'll keep the fan on from the beginning
    I won't nute her for the first 5 weeks.... at least!

    I'm thinking of putting Abigail in the garden, just to see if she survives... What do you think? I won't have room for both in my grow cupboard....



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  2. that plant has some issues man, its pretty small for 6 and a half weeks. but good luck witht them.

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