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  1. im starting a stealth grow soon and this will hopefully turn into a grow log if i successfully get everything built and the equipment. im only going to be able to grow 1 or 2 plants at a time but will let them get 5-7 feet tall if it can. i want to grow a really potent strain so i'm thinking northern lights or ak-47.

    my plan is that since i'm building a tv cabinet soon that's about 7 feet high by 7 feet wide by 2-3 feet deep i can use 3 or 4 feet of the side of it and make it a completely hollowed out area that has a locking door and use that as a grow space for the 1 or 2 plants. i still need to figure out how to make it look like there is no door there. if i can figure out a way to make a door so it doesn't even look like it's there i wouldnt need to lock it. i'm sort of thinking of making it like a door behind a sliding door and it will just look like there's a door that slides over the tv when you move it.

    anyways, when i start building the tv cabinet ill post up some measurements and pictures and tell you all how its going. im expecting to have everything ready and plant the seeds by october but maybe later if nothing goes as planned.

    thanks for looking and tell me when you think about the tv cabinet idea. =P

    right now this is sort of a brainstorm thread for me haha
  2. I also had a question... all my friends tell me I'm a dumbass for not using heat lamps, and my earlier grow was going fine even with lack of good soil until i used a heat lamp. The heat lamp is what KILLED my baby. :(

    Someone tell me if I would be making a good decision to use L.E.D. lights such as these?
  3. I heard L.E.D. lights were the next big thing in the grow industry. But you need alot of em. Dont know much about the concept, but its something about the spectrum being perfect or keenly precise for plants in a certain stage.
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    Well I figured out the T.V. cabinet will need to be bigger so its actually going to be a 4'x4' space and i remember hearing somewhere that you're supposed to put each plant in about a 2'x2' area so that means 4 plants right? I'm limiting my budget to $640. I'm still figuring out how much I can spend on lights. I think I will probably use one panel per plant and line all the sides with mylar. Thanks for the reply.

    I have some questions about fans though... Since the L.E.D. lights wouldn't generate any heat the fans I would get would be mainly for air circulation right?
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    why would you use a heat lamp? that makes no sense to me. it wouldn't surprise me a bit if that's what killed your previous grow. the only reason to use a heat lamp, MAYBE, would be if you needed to raise the temperature. But normal lights typically create enough heat on their own.

    and ya i've heard some good things about LEDs but in every side by side comparison i've seen, plants grown with HID lights just do better. The thing is we as people don't 100% understand all the different light plants use, and the general idea is to emulate the sun as best possible. HID lights typically have quite a wide spectrum while focusing mainly in one area (HPS lights are mostly red and yellow for instance, but do have blue, green, etc...). LED's however have an extremely limited spectrum range, so you have to mix em to try and get the right amount of the right kind of light.

    don't get me wrong, i definitely see the advantages of using LED's (lower heat, lower energy cost). You can also definitely get some very good bud off of some LED's, however you'll still get better with HPS I'd say. One of those things that's kinda different for everyone.

  6. Thanks for the info but I think LED will do the job because I'm trying not to run up the electricity bill. I'll look more in to HPS. If they are cheaper then I will probably get them but yeah thanks again. :wave:

  7. !!! I typed up a HUGE list and response and then lost it cause GC logged me out! So here I am trying to replicate that...

    Here's another shot at the list... as painful as it is to type it again.....

    By the way thanks for the reply, and I will look more into the HPS...

    Please quote this list and add or remove all you want, thanks.

    4 Pack of Mixed Red/Blue LED Panels OR 1 400 Watt HPS light - $250/$120

    1 50' roll of Mylar - $18

    1-4 6" Clip on Fans that rotate 360 - $20-$80

    *4" Inline Fan/Carbon Filter Combo OR Ozone Jr Air Filter - $140/$90

    10 pack of 5 gallon Nursery Pots - $23

    4 1.5 cu ft bags of Happy Frog Potting Soil - $72

    *1 10 lb bag of Bat Guano - $35

    *1 10 lb bag of Worm Castings - $13

    Fox Farm Fertilizer Combo - $40

    pH Test Papers - $6

    General Hydro pH Control Kit - $16

    Dual Outlet Digital Timer with Backup Battery - $25
    I could get a reptile timer from the pet shop that's better than this...​

    Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer - $15

    Pruning Shears - $9

    Mister - $10

    TOTAL - $512-$752



    If I get an HPS lamp, would I need to set up air ducts to keep it cooled?

    Could I put an LED panel underneath all the plants and in between them to help the lower branches and buds grow?

    My friend told me that I only need Bat Guano for growing weed but I told him I was recommended Fox Farm soil, and he said Bat Guano is better, and I said that Bat Guano is in the soil, and he said to load it up with more Bat Guano... I also know from previous threads I've posted that Worm Castings are very good for the plant. Could I get 2 bags of Fox Farm soil and do half Worm Castings/Bat Guano and Half Fox Farm soil?

    I'm assuming that the marijuana plant thrives in temperatures of 70-80, but what humidity is best for them?

    Please keep in mind that I'm searching as I ask these questions!

    On all fertilizers I've seen and on the forums I've seen people discussing this, but there are these numbers that are separated by dashes, such as 5-5-5 for example, and I have no idea what they are. Could someone explain to me what they mean and what would be best for marijuana?

    Just to get this straight, the pH that I want to have the soil being at is around 7.0 right?

    Thanks for looking, I'll be sure to post more questions as I have them pop into my head.


    P.S. I made sure to COPY this thread before trying to post. ;) Can't get me now GC! haha

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