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  1. Hey all, I hope I'm not re-hashing an old issue/thread (I did do a search first) but I'm wondering if anyone has information on starting a local NORML chapter, specifically on a college campus. I go to Clemson University in Clemson, SC (NORML's 2002 Pot Friendly Campus), and I'm considering re-starting a chapter there. We've had one before but it has yet to last. If anyone has advice for me I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. U have to be a 501c3(non-profit). Thats all I know. I was tellin my nephew today he needed to start one in his area.
  3. Saw this on the TX Norml, someone was asking about starting a UT Norml Chapter, and this is what TX Norml said " it is a matter of a student taking the time to form a UT chapter. Check with your student life/activities office for steps to setting up an student org. We'll help get the word out once one is set up!"

    I'm pretty sure it would be the same way at Clemson, b/c your starting a student group, just talk to the student life ppl, then contact South Carolina Norml and they'll help you set it up(I think Clemson is in S.C lol)
  4. How to Form a NORML Chapter - NORML

    Pretty much everything you need to know, straight from NORML.

    1. Need 5 due paying members, minimum to apply.
    2. "in the case of a campus-based student chapter, must comply with all college or university requirements for campus organizations, and must seek official recognition from the college or university."

    Alot of the rest is what you can and cannot do as an affiliate of NORML.
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    Thanks guys, I'd also like to also know from anyone not so much the logistical side but kind of the, er motivational (?) side. SC isn't exactly the most accepting state for this kind of thing, even at a large college there are plenty of ignorant people who would hate that kind of thing on campus.
  6. Be knowledgeable and present your facts politely. Ignorance will only succumb to intelligence and its easier to present stand offish people with polite facts.
  7. Honestly, I think you should like... just gather a group of stoners in your circle of friends and form it, then start trying to recruit outside, it's going to be hard at 1st b/c no one really wants to look like "the stoner dude" even though your in college so your obviously not a burn out or whatever, and if you get flyers out and set up tables eventually you'll start getting more members, make it an actual organization that does stuff instead of just sit around talking about weed know what I mean?
  8. A few friends nd myself started one on our campus last fall. It's not too hard to get set up, assuming your school doesn't make it very difficult to become an official club on campus.

    The most important part is having an actual agenda. If you have a set of goals to work towards people will stay interested. If you are just getting together to talk about how mug fun pot is it won't last.
  9. Yeah the problem in the past at my school is that it gets started and then just fizzes out. People have a hard time with being perceived as "stoners" or "potheads" even if they're being politically active and trying to make a difference. I really want the main goal to be education, helping people understand the value of MJ and taking away the stigma of it.

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