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  1. Goodmorning Everyone,

    F*ck, it is already 6 in the morning and I havent slept!! The reason why im still awake is because Im building a new growroom, and keep on thinking on how exactly im gonna do everything.
    Its a 2 room setup, im gowing for the SOG style, first room 3x5M, and the second 3,50x4M. I planning to use 24 600W hps lamps, 12 in each room. first room, wich wil have 2 exhaust, with 2 filters. The first exhaust is 3250 m^3, and the second is 2500m^3. the exhaust wil blow in the bathroom, where I have a little window opened. The other room, Wich also will count the exact same amount of filters en exhaustfans, only here I have one with 2500 cubic meter, and one with 4250. In this room, I want to block the big window (livingroom), with 1 big foil, of 3,5x4m, wich I will place at 1 meter from the window. Im using 1 intake fan with 4250 m^3. Im using Amnesia Haze clones, en want to place around 400 of them, and they will spent the rest of their, i hope pleasant life in soil. If you guys have any more quentions, pls ask. The working progress just started, so your input can make a change. Pictures will follow.

    Greeting GS

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