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    So i'm fucking bored and imma smoke tonight(yay) but im tired of my bong so I wanna create something !
    I used to do like water bottle bongs and shit but I got my Bong and my other bong with percolator.
    But im taking shit thing to a new level,I found a tubing and I wanna do a bubbler,with filters(not only water)
    Anyone has a picture that I can reproduce, I dont have like 2hours to do it, its just to smoke not to show off at partys and shit.
    For those saying google,youtube,etc. Already checking :)
    *I got mostly water bottles
    Thanks fellow stoners, keep tokin'

  2. Be creative and come up with your own design. Its always good to be original  :smoke:
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    metal straw, or plastic, get a plastic film canister or pill bottle, some sticky tack, a bowl piece and assemble. Put the straw near the top of the canister so its not sitting in the water then put a hole on the opposite side of the straw hole(carb) now in the cap(top) put a hole for the bowl piece, and make sure the bowl piece goes all the way down into the water. Now test your water levels and such. Should hit like a CHAMP!

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