Starting a long ass T-break.

Discussion in 'General' started by CanIBeShaggy, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. 9 months of crazy fun thanks to the state and the cop that illegally detained me.

    No booze, & no bud.

    Wish me luck & strength .

  2. shit that sucks man. fuck cops, i had a years probation for taking a little bit of bud into a state park and i had to do like a bunch of community service it was super lame. fuckers said they'd go easy on me lairs.
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  3. Can you tell the story of how it all went down? Maybe try fucking with cigars in the meantime. You may like it a lot and if you can't smoke weed it could help take the edge off to pass some time. Sorry about that shit though, the war on drugs and the police in the US in general are a bad joke.
  4. Smoking cigs atm and yes i mightcome back here and type it out in a bit.

  5. That sucks, man. Would love to hear ur story.
  6. That's lame man, here's to hoping it is legal soon! In my state it's illegal AF, cops are pretty lenient about the users of weed, but they're strict on dealers or if you have a lot.
  7. Yeah but a cigarette you sit down for a few mins get a buzz and that's that. A cigar can last like an hour or so and is a different type of experience. Just saying if ur bored u might like it. How do they plan to test for alcohol anyway. I think that's pissed out of your system quick. Really dumb that that's a part of your probation or w/e.
  8. I don't know, thats the rules though. And yea probably but id rather not chance it.

  9. Think positive... start a small indoor grow... you can have a couple harvests saved up and cured properly before you can smoke... then you won't have to buy weed any that next year hell.

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  10. Good idea but i know myself to well. Being around bud will most likely cause me to smoke. Or give me a big temptation to do so.

  11. Once oyu haven't smoked for a certain period of time, it actually does get easier. You just gotta make it through the beginning. It may seem like it doesn't, it just takes a lot of time to adjust sometimes.You lose the urges to smoke as much as before and temptations aren't nearly as pulling as they were before.
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  12. You'll be okay..

    Marijuana is great and all, but you don't absolutely need it, right? I have Crohn's and it helps me out quite a bit, but I had to quit for a career choice that I've dedicated myself to. It's no biggy. Good luck, man.
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  13. Can't say I'd quit for a career. If my job doesn't like that I smoke weed, then I'm not gonna work for them. I may be missing out on pay, but some things aren't about money.
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  14. I can honestly assure you that what I'm going into isn't about the money at all.
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  15. Definitely agree. We shouldn't as humans.

    Just me though Crony. You do you.

  16. I smoked like three weeks ago and am about to go into tech school/academy for what I want to get into, so it's not like I can't blaze ever.. It's just that I choose not to every day like I did when I was a little younger, because I know once I reach a certain point within reaching my goals I won't be able to for a while. I love weed, you guys.. I have over 22,000 likes on a forum called Grasscity... lol.

    But there are just certain things in life that are bigger than myself and one day I learned to accept that. Marijuana will be legal on a federal level within the next ten years anyways, so it's really nothing to lose sleep about.

    All the best.
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