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  1. Hey guys new to the form I’m about to order some tents to grow in. I was debating on getting 2 8x8 grow tents or a single 10x10 grow tent. Now here is my situation I picked up 2 630w quantum led lights and don’t know which tent setup would work best with the lights I have. I was debating on a light mover if I went the 8x8 route but the poll in the middle of the tent I feel like will mess me up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi, I've never had a real tent so I might get educated here but why if you have that much room do you need a "tent"? with some 1"x 3" wood made into some frames, screws,hinges and some panda plastic or Mylar you could build rooms or divide rooms for a couple hundred dollars if that. It maybe the hillbilly in me but I prefer cheap to fancy if it has the same function.
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  3. Remember the rule of thumb for QB lighting is 25-30w per sq ft. Some people would even say that 30-40w per is better.

    If you had a 10x10 (100sq ft) you'd want 2500w of light, or 2000 at the very least, unless they are just veg tents as you don't need as much light for veg.

    If I were you, I would get 2 5x5s, or 1 5x10. I think a 630w would rock a 5x5 perfectly.

  4. I agree with you but I can’t have a permanent structure where I’m at right now. I move around quite a bit so I would like to be able to have something mobile!
  5. How many plants do you think I could fit in a 5x5 or a 5x10?
  6. Really it depends on size/how long you're vegging....what are your goals here? How long do you want to veg? In my opinion/experience, a smaller number of big plants is better than a bunch of tiny plants....I have a 4x4 for veg and a 5x5 for flower which is good for 4 nice big plants and enough room for them to breathe and have space....
  7. Okay, for quick mobility I guess a tent makes sense. I built 4 - 5x5 panels hinged them together like a wardrobe with panda plastic. I can fold them up and move them around pretty quickly but it would be pretty obvious as to what they are driving down the road in the back of a pick up lol .
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  8. I like to have 4 plants in my 5x5 as well but I've been known to have 6 smaller ones. I like to veg for 2.5 months + depending on their size.
    A 5x10 though is a different animal. Do you plan on more than 1 light? A light on rails? I've seen a 1000 Watt HPS on rails cover that space with 20+ plants but that was years ago old school stuff.
  9. Does anyone think having 2 of the quantum boards on a light mover system would be more ideal for a bigger tent? The lights claim they can cover a 6x7 for veg and a 5x5 for flower. I would prefer larger plants then a bunch of small ones.
  10. I do plan on more then one light per tent. Do you think having 2 quantum boards on light movers would be enough for a 10x10?
  11. I don’t mind vegging a long time if the yield will be worth it. I’m definitely debating on a light mover so I could have a bigger tent. The lights should cover a 6x7 for veg and a 5x5 for flower. So I’m thinking on a light mover I could do a bigger tent. Would appreciate your input on this thought
  12. Your 630w QB is recommended to flower a 5x5, or 25sqft.
    You have 2 of those lights, correct?
    So, you have enough light for 25sqft x 2 = 50sqft.
    A 10x10 tent is 100sqft which is double.
    I don't know much about light movers but I really really doubt they'd double your lights footprint. You'd just have double the space being lit half as well as it should be.

    I would definitely wait and try to do some research/planning before jumping in to getting such a big space. Like have you thought about veg space vs flower space? Like you said they have different lighting needs so that'll change things.

  13. I see what your saying I was gana use the leftover space for fans, dehumidifiers and a res but I think your right I’ll go with a 5x10 and pick up a 5x5 for veg and use another light
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