Starting a Healthier Lifestyle?

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    it dont matter im healthy now bye
  2. no one knows your body like yourself. not even professional trainers, much less some online service.
    soak up as much information as you can, if you read something you can relate to, test it out.
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    iight dawg
  4. I lost a lot of weight and I smoked while doing it. Just make sure to set aside what you you are going to eat prior to smoking. Personally I love a nice box of juicy blueberry or just an apple. And if you do slip up and eat something very un-healthy just make sure to run it off. Good Luck!Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. Like the first poster said, you are going to have to start just doing a lot of reading and research and healthy foods, healthy lifestyles, the right type of exercise or cardio for what you are hoping to achieve, yada yada yada.
    To get you started here's a quick tip:
    Get off the dairy. Milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.
    Not everyone agrees with this and that's fine. "You won't get your calcium!" they scream. If you are eating the foods you should be, which are our greens, berries, mushrooms, beans, seeds, nuts, lean meats, and other fruits and veggies you should be able to get enough calcium. Otherwise though dairy is just crappy sugars and fats, imo.
  6. Why would it be bad for you?

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    Definitely man, I do love me my cheese haha.
  8. I would just make sure to hit all the muscle groups

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  9. If you're just starting off you want to focus on compound lifts. Deadlifts, squats both back and front, over head presses those sorts of movements. getting on a basic program with those movements will be way more beneficial to you than pulling out a random chart and doing isolation exercises. The ones I've listed will work every major body group as well as the important stabilizer muscles.

    Look up Eliot Hulse on youtube he has some awesome info and check out the 531 program... There are some others that are pretty good but idk their names.

    Diet is most important to if you want to lose weight but that's for another post.
  10. Avoid that crap they serve at dinning halls.
    I can pretty much assume you'll be eating Sodexo, a company that supplies colleges and schools. (prisons too)
    Like most huge Corporations, they have no conscience for the well being of their consumer base (who mostly have no choice but to eat the crap they provide).
    I don't know if you already have a meal plan, but see if you can get a weekly grocery allowence and make smart purchases with that money by educating yourself on nutrition and the like.
    yea opt out of the meal plans. 
    it is overpriced bullshit.
    it's easy to eat healthy. just take all the grains and refined sugars you are eating, and replace them with meat. 
  12. Buy a juicer and start making veggie juice everyday.
  13. you want to find the max weights you can do 1 rep with and the do 80% of that 4-6 reps per set for building muscle, 70% 6-12 reps for a little muscle a little fat burning and 60% 12-18 or so for more fat burning...for cardio its kinda the same..moderate longer exercise to burn fat and intense, short high intensity for building muscle
    If you plan on doing this for a while do the more moderate ones and you'll lose fat and gain muscles at the same time just not as fast if you focused on the others...its up to you
    as for eating the type 2 diabetes diet is how your supposed to eat to maintain blood sugar and curb carb craving..i like it cause i can eat less than healthy food and still keep my carbs lower..its 3 snacks and 3 meals a day split up evenly and then its 15-30 carbs for snacks and 30-60 for meals..thats it I lost 80 lbs before doing it and i didnt even exercise complex carbs whenever you can to keep your metabolism up and liquids count too so watch that
    not trying to tell ya what to do just saying whats worked for me
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    lol that sucks maybe you can try to convert your points to spend at the bookstore or on other stuff your college sells?
    cant you ask your parents to send you "grocery money" to do them yourself? that way you can try to get fresh fruits/produce oh and you can learn how to manage your money and groceries as an adult
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    aye boys
  18. Meat AND vegetables

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  19. I lost a lot of weight the past 2 years and turned my lifestyle a 180 degree turn and the biggest thing is just to get your ass in the gym and not makes excuses to your self.The secret to losing weight and getting ripped? CONSISTENCY!!! Everything has to be consistent, how often you work out, your given reps per set, amount of sets, weight used. Obviously you don't want to lift the same amount of weight with same reps longer than a week, but meaning you have to stay true to what your workout is and not cheat yourself short. Supposed to do 10 reps? Don't sell yourself short by only doing 7. Consistency is key. Sent from my XT1080 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  20. well said.
    Most people who arent getting results, are probly not taking it completely seriously

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