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  1. Hey I live in washington state, and I will be begining an outdoor grow tomorrow. It is in the forest in an area that has about 70% sunlight and 30% shadow during the daylight hours. I am digging a hole 10ft in diameter, and getting some potting soil that my uncle used to use for growing his pot. I planned on having 4-10 plants, but being that the time of the year it will be rainy and sunny almost every day from now till december. So I was going to plant a bunch of plants, but today I was lucky enough to recieve 2 seeds today from my dealer. SO being that I have such a large pocket of time from now till december I am just going to plant the seeds, and see if they are male or female. Tomorrow.

    Tonight i am germinating the seeds, and then I am puttin gthem in my peat moss growing pots.

    So my questiong is what needs to take place between germination and planting the seeds. Thanks

    and also let me know if this is a decent idea
  2. I don't have the time to explain this all out but this is not going to work this late in the season. Being that far up north you must get frost around mid or late Oct. That is just not going to work. Wait till next season.
  3. haha alright.
  4. you have to start next year, it is way to late to start growing outdoors this year. If you wanted to grow you'd have to move everything inside.

  5. What is so funny about that?
  6. Cannabis is an annual. Meaning it naturally germinates in the spring time and grows through the spring and summer then it dies with the onset of winter.. Do yourself a favor and use this up comming fall and winter to do some research on growing Cannabis. Devise you a plan for a springtime plot during this time. You'll have all winter to get your holes and soil ready and when spring comes back around you'll be more than ready!! Guess that pretty much sums that up.
  7. Hold on pal, now is not the time to plant outdoors unless you live in Southern Hemisphere!!
    Save your seeds till May or so, and you'll be happier.
  8. its not
  9. From someone who has over 100 posts, so has surely read a few, this must have been a joke.

  10. My thinking, too.

    But you never

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