Starting a grow soon, noob needs help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by D_FerreT, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. So i am moving into a new house soon and i am turning the closet into a grow room. this is what i have so far

    -Metal halide light (400 or 600 watt i'll know in a day or so i just forgot:confused:)
    -5 feminised Black Jack seeds --- jack herer x black domino

    Going to purchase 2 complete hyrdo systems from a local store, they come with nutes and everything, going to buy this seed starting kit thing my buddy told me to get and a timer and a ph tester and mylar for the walls. Now I am growing not for financial gain, this is purely personal and to make the plants as strong and healthy as possible.

    So my basic plan is to just grow the 5 plants, I wanted to try topping 1 of the plants, and LST'ing one of them too, my question is can I do that? Like with the light being closer to 4 of the plants than the LST'ed one? or will i have to raise the one plant closer to the light. any imput or advice is greatly appreciated. Also Odor control now i did some reading on this, it seems carbon scrubbers are like the way to go or ozone generators, but this is my first grow and now sure if ill have the money for all that. Now its not really a necessity I would just rather it not be known what my hobby is. I'll live out in the boonies and my aunt is my landlord so i'll have no cop issues.

    P.S. glad to be apart of GS have read hundreds of posts for months now glad ill be starting my own grown journals and stuff soon :smoking:

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