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    Hey all. Very first time giving a go at growing here, so this will be interesting!

    I've inundated myself with information the last few days and I think I have enough info to start putting a plan together, and I was wondering how realistic my expectations may be.

    I'm looking to go super cheap for this first time. Also my expectations aren't high; I'm not looking for primo stuff just yet, I just want some smokable stuff. I also don't need huge harvests... this is for me and a few other folks, and we don't smoke as much as some blades on here do. My plan is to start with trying 4 plants in a sort of ScrOG/SOG method. Put together a 4.5-5'x3'x3-4' cabinet, maybe bigger, grow them in their in an all flo lighting (changing bulbs, of course) and set up some chicken wire for them to spread on, or something like that. Smaller plants (a little less than a foot, even less?) harvesting more often is my goal. Drill a small hole in the side for a (6-inch?) squirrel fan, preferably one with a filter. Small desktop fan inside for wind. Inside painted white or coated with mylar (prolly paint).

    I found some cheap-o 32 watt 4-ft T8 tube fluorescent fixtures and bulbs at HomeDepot that will run me about $50 (2 fixtures, 4 bulbs). Bulbs are rated 2,950 lumens/ea, and I'd be looking at about 5,000k for the high end and 2,100k on the low end. Do you think this will be sufficient? I'm concerned I'm being overly optimistic on the lighting. If buds aren't super dense, it isn't a big deal like I said, but if it ain't gonna happen it ain't gonna happen and I'll bump up if I've got to.

    As far as the actual growing, I've been strongly considering doing a top-drip hydro grow. I know it may be a little ambitious, but I saw a video that puts it together simply and cheaply, and it seems in some ways it seems a little more intuitive as far as keeping PH and nutes in check. But I really have no experience.

    Speaking of nutes, suggestions are welcome. I was just going to go with what's on the bottle, but I'm open to advice.

    I'll be sure to post pics. :)
  2. Look into T5 HO grow lights, T8`s simply lack the light output. They make veg and flowering bulbs for them. Also if going with a hydro set up you would need to get a good digital PH/PPM or EC meter, some PH Up & Down solutions along with some calibration solution for the meter. As for nutes there are quite a few brands check out the hydro section to get an idea of what some hydro growers use and their ecperience with them.

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