Starting a Grow...ICE/Grapefruit

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Romain, May 16, 2006.

  1. Alright when i move out i plan on growing immediately. Im worried about my grow space in that if its small my plants will outgrow it and clash together. Would this be a problem? Or do most plants grow together easily?

    I want both, a nice Indicia and Sativa strain. I wanted to start out small, just 4 plants, 2 out of 2 strains im picking. The 1st, ICE, feminised it said a mix of Skunk and White Widow (Originally was just gonna be White Widow) with a high Sativa stone. 2nd, Grapefruit, feminised, with a high Indica stone. I chose feminised because im not having alot of plants so i wanted my chances to be perfect.

    Just wanted to post something early so i get alot of info. before i start. What do you think?..Thanks guys! :smoking:
  2. sounds good to me.
  3. where do u guys get your seeds from?
    im canadian but cant find these, purple haze, white widow, ice, orange cali. blah blah blah anywhere. how abouts do i go getting them? is it illegal to purchase them online? haah stupid question . anyways if anyone is from canada let me know exactly what province and such so i know where to get them.

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